All you need to know about chinese new year 2019

Those who want to change their service are good at adopting a docile, learning and obedient attitude, not reacting after the first impulse. Otherwise, it may not take the wisest decision.

Excellent results will be those who are cerebral and who are patiently waiting to get the best results.

There is not a year in which to be impulsive or impetuous, think well of all aspects before making changes in service, at home or in any aspect that signifies major change. Even personally, think seriously before making a major decision. On you will find all you need to know about the chinese new year 2019.

Chinese Zodiac February 2019. pig Year: What’s Your Lucky And What Not, According to the Sign

The most trying ones will be the Rat and the Boar, the auspices are not favorable. It’s also not a good year for investment, it’s not a good idea to take a new home this year.

Men will have great success in August and September in the money and fame chapter, it is advisable that men can be more gold this year, as the Metal element is the key to improving their health.

What are the predictions for each sign?

The rat needs to adapt. You will lack confidence and you will have to work a lot for everything you propose.

The buffalo will have energy, you have the potential for success, you will become the target of gossip and you will be very irritable, so great care, try to defeat your fury.

The tiger will have vitality and a lot of self-confidence, but it is good to master it, as you will have to deal with some stupid stars that can hinder your way to success.

The rabbit has reason to smile this year! You will reap the hard work done over the last few years, because you are lucky this year.

Take advantage of all the opportunities that will come to you this year! Nevertheless, take care of hypocritical people and … thieves. Steaua Steaua will make its appearance. Even if you have good energy, do not look at too much an opportunity, so you do not waste your luck brought by your pig, your secret friend.

Dragon. You do not have too good energy this year, because the Dragon sign is in conflict with the pig’s sign. So be careful about decisions, do not hurry and weigh all the decisions.
What the pig of the Earth brings to you. Major changes for the zodiac

The snake is the undisputed star of this year. You will have good relationships, good luck in your career and in your private life. You are the zodiac that can have a fabulous success in the Year of the pig.

The horse is the second favored sign of the year after the Snake. He will escape from the addiction he has developed in previous years, will be lucky, successful and will float this year.

The sheep will benefit greatly from the pig’s year. With many opportunities and blessings, the ambitious sheep can go far this year. It is good to take good care of the health, to make analyzes even if it does not hurt anything and to avoid pain spots such as hospitals or cemeteries.

The monkey will enjoy a progressive energy this year, but luck will only manifest if you make great efforts.

The cock is on the wave, it will benefit from an unsuccessful success, things will be nice for you this year. You will have the joys of the achievements of your career, less of your personal life.

It is your year, but you do not have a very good mood. Wait for a series of positive events, it is the year when you have to let go of the wave and meet the luck and the opportunities that will come out of your way this year.

The happiest signs of the new Chinese year. Do you count among them?

The boar, like the pig, will benefit from the energy of the year, if left to be held up by events. But whenever something does not go out as you like, you will be very demoralized. You will not have a good mood. Despite these thoughts, do not self-help yourself and try not to become your fiercest enemy.
The most important traditional Chinese celebration

The Chinese New Year is the most important traditional Chinese celebration. The festival usually begins on the first day of the first month of the Chinese calendar and ends with the Lampion Festival which takes place on the fifteenth day. The New Year’s Eve is called chú xī.

The origin of the celebration is centuries old and is surrounded by many legends and customs. In ancient times, this period was one in which people reflected on how they behaved and what they believed more in last year.

The Chinese New Year is celebrated in countries and territories with large Chinese population, such as the People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, as well as Chinese neighborhoods in cities around the world. The Chinese New Year is considered to be a great feast in China and has over time influenced the New Year’s celebration by the neighboring peoples as well as the cultures with which the Chinese came into contact with such as the Koreans (Seollal ), the Tibetans and the Bhutanians (Losar), the Mongols (Tsagaan Sar), the Vietnamese (Tết) and the Japanese before 1873 (O-shōgatsu).

In countries such as Australia, Canada, and the United States, although Chinese New Year is not an official holiday, ethnic Chinese celebrate and postal issues thematic stamps.
The pig of the Earth Year: Major changes for this sign are favored

On the territory of China, customs and regional traditions on this occasion are very diverse. People buy gifts, decorations, textiles, food and clothing. There is a habit of every family doing a general cleaning in the house to remove any misfortune in the hope of a better year. The windows and doors are decorated with red paper decorations and tweets on popular themes: “happiness”, “wealth” and “long life”. Dinner served in the family on New Year’s Eve includes pork, duck or chicken, as well as a sweet dessert, and the evening ends with fireworks. The next morning, children greet their parents a happy new year with health, receiving money in red paper envelopes.

Tiger Zodiac Compatibility in 2018


In business, you are a perfect and powerful couple.

Common personality: practical sense and courage.
Love, marriage, relationships: kept with luck and trust. The rat must put its abilities into operation wisely when it comes to a Tiger full of energy and charm. Relationships arise harmoniously when both partners carefully weigh the words before speaking.
Money, Career, Business: Rat wisdom combines amazingly with the spirit of competition and authority of the Tiger, resulting in productive and beneficial collaborations for both sides.


A productive pair in business.

Common personality: Self-confidence, perseverance.
Love, marriage, relationships: slight misunderstandings. The relationship is harmonious if Tiger leaves his guard down and looks at theOx with patience and understanding. The Ox must give up jealousy and stubbornness.
Money, career, business: the impulse of the Tiger can be disturbing for the Ox. The money comes if Bivol leaves Tiger to lead, make plans and deal with social relationships, and he supports him with the work behind the scenes.


High sexual attraction, but the relationship suffers from infidelity.

Common personality: leadership skills, competitiveness.
Love, marriage, relationships for Tiger in 2018: Adventurous couple relationship. Sexually dangerous magnetism. Harmony states can be achieved if both partners quench their overflowing effervescence. There are jealousy and fierce competition when one of the two Tigers comes out more in the circle of friends. You are in a continuous struggle for supremacy.

Money, career, business: arrogance can attract big financial losses. There are frequent quarrels and divergences of opinion, just for the sake of conflicts. At meetings, it is good to attend only one of the two Tigers. The money comes if you learn to temper your aggressive gestures and greed.This year is the year of the Brown Dog 2018, and you must call a Native Dog to temper you.

This couple is, to overcome many, a safe, stable couple, in which the partners rely heavily on each other. Both enjoy the adventure and make their couple a permanent adventure. Conversations are the most interesting, the topics are exciting. It focuses on the future and is successful on the financial side.
People born under the zodiac sign of the Tiger are not people going unnoticed. They are energetic, intense, magnetic, irresistible. They are powerful people who can do whatever they want. They have overwhelming conviction and no one wants to say “NO” to a Tiger. Conflicts between the natives of this sign are explosive and will always result in casualties, especially when it comes to the emotional area of ​​life.

Tiger natives are very impotent, they do not think twice before getting involved in something. They live their lives with great passion, they are motivated and know how to motivate those around them. From this point of view, the partnership between two Tigers can be very successful, especially on a professional level. There are also very rebellious people who aim and manage to change rules, to make others obey their own rules. In this regard, the partnership between two Tigers must be combined with a lot of diplomacy, because the clash of two iron wills can not be a beneficial event.

The physical attraction of two Tigers occurs almost instantly because they are very intense and passionate. If they set a target, they will do anything to achieve it. They are also very possessive, react more under the impulse of the heart, the logic being totally out of date if they are wounded emotionally. They need the full support of the couple partner, and again they need a lot of diplomacy and understanding in the couple, because they both just want to ask for, and forget they still have to offer.

Two Tigers can have a very exciting couple relationship, an explosive, spicy, passionate union. At one time, if the required energies are in very large quantities, the partners may find it a far too tedious relationship. Romanticism in the relationship between two Tigers is explosive, but so are the quarrels between them. Many times, in moments of high tension, few are the ones who can reach the Tiger’s reason. It may be that the relationship between two Tigers does not last long, simply because it is too exhausting for partners.
It’s hard to give advice to a native Tiger because he thinks he knows everything. He has an incredible trust in his own strengths, and hence his actions under the impulse of the moment, which often do not bring him the results he expects. Native Tiger does not bear to be controlled, followed in what he does, can not bear to be told what to do. It needs a lot of space, a lot of freedom of movement and, if it lacks it, it behaves like a grazed animal, that is, very bad.

Because both partners are equally impulsive, including financial issues, they tend to have problems in this area. They either do the neglected purchases sufficiently, either exceed their income through the costs they incur, or benefit from not very well-researched investments, which ultimately prove to be damaging. That’s why they need a financial counselor, someone to help them organize themselves in terms of money, but they also have the patience they need to deal with their volcanic nature. It’s hard to meet all these desires!

The Tiger-Tiger Couple can only work if the partners want to give each other the maneuvering space they need, they have the patience to understand each other and their volcanic motions, when the situation tends to degenerate. There is a lot to be done to make the situation between the two couple partners on the brink of normality.

Nostradamus: The Truth Behind the 2018 Prophecies

Perhaps the most famous and ever-reader of all time, Nostradamus, predicted hundreds of years ago the danger of a third world war.

Every time it comes to predictions about the end of the world, the name of the French visionary is on people’s lips. Not by chance, for he has some prophecies fulfilled. The eclipse of July 1999 once again highlighted the statement, which would have predicted that this last eclipse of the millennium end marks the military offensive of the yellow race. As a ray of hope for mankind, in 1999 it was remembered that Nostradamus’s last prophecy refers to the year 3.797. It is said that Nostradamus predicted the destruction of the Earth by the invasion of a great alien power. This destruction will take place in three successive stages: “The first wave” – ​​aliens come to Earth and take human forms infiltrated into key posts, prepare the invasion; “Second wave” – ​​they will attack relentlessly; “Third wave” – ​​the end of our planet. According to prophecy, the only salvation is “the blessed man twice,” who is the key to avoiding this catastrophic catastrophe.

The “centuries” of Nostradamus, published from 1555 to 1557, enjoyed the success of introducing the author to the Court. According to historical data, the visionary admitted that he consciously chose a “cryptic expression,” writing in an obscure language, starting from his contemporary French, but streaming with expressions and words of Italian, Greek, Spanish, Hebrew and Latin. Each prediction is built of four verses, a cathedral, but none brings poetry.

The visionary claimed that this style protected him from the punishment of the powerful, who were not always pleased with what he was predicting. But some observers, more skeptical, think that vague style is adopted consciously to leave room for interpretation. Therefore, there are approximately 400 different interpretations of the “Centurions”, each trying to reveal the secrets of the prophecies that continue until 3.797. “My writings will be better understood by those who come after my death,” the clairvoyant wrote. The name of the French astrologer, famous for his apocalyptic prophecies, is one of the most searched words on the Internet, and the books about him are sold like hot bread.

Steps to destruction
The 2018 prophecies of Nostradamus say the world economy will collapse. Because they will lose their fortunes, “the rich will die many times,” says the visionary. The sun will supply all the energy.

The current energy sources will be replaced by a cheap power that is abundantly derived from what Nostradamus calls the “King of Heaven”. According to the researcher, this is a description of a satellite that captures solar energy and transmits it to Earth. All taxes will be abolished following a riot. “People will refuse to pay taxes to the king,” writes the predictor.

Radiation will dry up the Earth: “The king will steal the forests, the sky will open, the fields will burn because of the heat,” writes Nostradamus. It is a warning that the destruction of tropical rainforests will lead to the thinning of the ozone layer, exposing the Earth to harmful ultraviolet radiation. Most people will leave the Earth in the next 300 years colonizing other systems. For most people, Earth “will become a myth,” predicts Nostradamus. The end of the world will take place in 2436.

Nostradamus declare with certainty that the history of humanity will end on October 1, 2436. He does not indicate the means by which mankind will be destroyed, but suggests that beings that we call our “old enemies” war.

Nostradamus’s prophecies were very popular during the Gulf War and before the eclipse of 1999. But in the shock of the first few days after the 2001 bombings, the Americans were very receptive to all sorts of fatalist theories, according to which terrorist acts would be the signal of the beginning of the Third World War or would mark the imminence of the end of the world. “Shaking fire in the center of the earth / It will shake the new city towers / Two great rocks will war long / Then Arethusa will become a new river.” This is 1.87 of the prophecies of Nostradamus, which the American Michael McClallan considers to describe nothing but the beginning of the Third World War, which will take 28 years. McClallan, author of “Nostradamus and the Last Era,” began in 1998 to write a new work on the predictions of the famous astrologer, entitled “Nostradamus and the New Prophecy Calendar,” which describes the beginning of the new millennium, in 2100.

Several prestigious publishers in the United States have been interested in publishing this book, but they have rejected the manuscript, on the grounds that it is too large.

Another John Terry prediction for 2018

Search in google John Terry horoscope 2018 and you will the best astrological preictions for 2018 . In the following we will examine some of them :

HOROSCOP 2018, Pisces – The triangle that Saturn is doing in the Pisces quarry with Uranus in the House of Pisces money is excellent for structuring, organizing, materializing. The Saturn-Uranus Trigger emphasizes your determination and gives you a lot of strength in the struggle to reach the goals.

Fish Finance is stabilizing in 2018, after a rather chaotic period.

On the other hand, Jupiter will be in the Pisces Workhouse until August 2018, which makes you work harder and harder, brings opportunities for professional development and a generous reward of efforts.

All year 2018 is productive, but the great triangle formed between Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus and covering the vocal sectors of Pisces promises career success and strong financial gains especially for the first half of the year.

Until August 2018, Pisces’ health and hygiene are also in focus, and positive changes are favored. You can now find effective solutions (and even the money you need) to solve some medical problems, but also to improve the physical condition, even appearance, if you want.

But you will need to be more careful if you suffer from a “hyper” (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, blood glucose or high blood calcium).

The second part of the year 2018 brings Pisces pleasing news for love, marriage and diverse partnerships.

HOROSCOP 2018 Aries
– Year 2018 brings some notable changes. The house of love and creativity will be heavily influenced by Jupiter. Someone close will have a great success, making you proud that you are in your circle of friends.

Jupiter will also improve your personal relationship and that will happen until August 2018. You have to find a balance between your wishes and those of your life partner, so that everyone gets what they want.

You will be tempted with unprecedented entertainment suggestions and take part in activities that you have so far refused without thinking.

You will have more time to express yourself exactly as you feel, and if you work in the artistic field, it will be a period of maximum creativity.

In the first seven months of the year you will be more lucky from a financial point of view and you can even play at the lotto.

If you want children, you are now very likely to be a parent, and if you already have, your descendants will bring you a lot of joy, especially those in crossroads such as those with exams.

HOROSCOP 2018 Taurus

Saturn’s presence in the business house will bring a lot of good things, some even surprising.

In the family life you will have amazing results this year, older wishes will be fulfilled and even the number of members will increase. It takes more time for loved ones, especially as there are situations where you have to deal with patience and understanding.

In the first half of the year, you will volunteer in various activities to help people in need. Consider what you can offer to others.

You have to keep your calm, even when someone else does not appreciate your work. Your praise and prizes will come after a while from your accomplishments.

Because of Saturn’s presence in the home of health, you will face ups and downs, but everything should be handled with care. Generally, there will be no serious illnesses or life-threatening conditions.

The year 2018 will be favorable to amorous relationships. Home sickness is over, because you understand what your life partner wants and you have complied. On the other hand, do not be tempted to always have justice because it is not a good road. Teens meet a loved one, and falling in love will make them radiate.

Trust itself will prove to be the key to succeeding in your career. You earn a serious man’s reputation in the circles you turn around and many will appeal to your experience in the field in which you work.

Good signs are also financially. A younger brother or friend engages you in a business that you will have a lot to win.

The great Leo ally in 2018 is Jupiter.

Jupiter – also called the Great Benefice – is in Leo until August 11, 2018 and is considered to be a lender of luck, optimism and expansion.

With Jupiter next to you, you have a very high moral and nothing seems too difficult for you to do. See the positive side of things, have a sense of humor developed, you are open to people and new ideas, and your sincerity and generous nature is better outlined.

In 2018 you travel more, further or to more exotic destinations than usual. You can come in contact with strangers, multinational companies or establish long distance relationships.

Jupiter favors higher level knowledge, so it can direct Lei to educational, scientific, editorial, cultural or spiritual activities, all the more so as Jupiter forms a beautiful triangle with Uranus, which is located in the upper mental house, of concepts And abstract thinking.

In the first half of 2018, Jupiter triggers Saturn. It is a constructive aspect with great administrative and organizational virtues that sustains Lei in fulfilling its desires and projects, bringing them balance and stability.

The Jupiter-Saturn Trigon is favorable to the Leo, including in a relational plane, both in working partnerships, as well as in love or marriage.

Children are an important subject for Leo in 2018.

Top 10 Astrological Predictions for Cancer in 2018

2018 is the year in which the natives in Cancer finally get their roots. These people are meant to fly like dandelions, from place to place, especially in years of youth. After 25 years, they will feel like they’re starting to get roots and eventually find a place for them. This does not mean that there will be no travel opportunities or even settling abroad because of Jupiter. The beneficial planet brings this year’s special dian- namism and also a new self-confidence, an inner power that has never been discovered by these natives. You can also check out this web page to read another interesting cancer 2018 horoscope :

These months will be absolutely decisive for your business plan. The three thresholds will be related to a superior hierarchy and new tasks that the cancerons will receive. They may be tempted in the first instance to refuse them, which is why they will again be prevented by the same thresholds until they accept that they can cope well. Of course, these new responsibilities will have much to gain from the financial side.

At first sight this statement may sound very romantic. Of course, love and passion become more intense, more stable and lighter than at any other time in the relationship. At the same time, where there are regrets, reproaches, conflicts and unreporting relationships, there will be increasing problems due to their intensification. Surely 2018 is a year of sentimental shopping, and the Crabs will have to make a choice.

One of the first features of cancer is jealousy. Uncertainty and sufferings are to blame for this flaw in character as far as these natives are concerned. The choice we previously talked about had a decisive impact on Raci and their jealousy. They will choose to put an end to a relationship, as they will no longer have jealousy, or will gain more trust in themselves and in partners.

Three big balls must be mentioned this year in the couple’s Races. The unpleasant connections between Mars and Venus can generate tensions and quarrels. Moderation, patience and diplomacy are the ways in which the Rats can overcome these unpleasant moments with loved ones.

It’s not an emotionally easy year for cancer, but those who go through all these filters of the stars can get ready for the wedding. In 2018 they will figure out if they have really found their soul mate.

Good news never comes alone and you can easily see the sentimental rise of the Races. First and foremost, they will make order in thoughts and souls. Secondly, they will make final decisions that can change their lives as far as couple’s partners are concerned, and then follow a marriage. Such joy can also come with the bringing of a child into the world. Thus, 2018 may be the year when Cancer natives finally find their anchor.

If so far we have paid attention to the natives who enter in 2018 with a stable relationship, we should also look at the cancerfish alone. From an amorous point of view, 2018 is the year of surprises for most of the natives who do not have a partner yet. It is very possible to fall in love with people completely different from them, who come from another culture or are older than Raci. It can be a karmic relationship, but at the same time, it is not excluded that the cancerfish alone find their soul mate or life partners. This difference in cultures can be the engine that will push the natives to establish their domicile across the borders, the place of origin of the beloved person.

Some cancer natives invest their money with caution and may have a high chance of revenue growth from investment but a precautionary dose is required. Even if the money does not rain out of the sky, the financial plan is surprisingly stable. As long as they are very careful with their expenses and will not pay the money on the mofturi, the natives will have no reason to complain. It is certainly not the year when the natives of the zodiac will get rich, but from time to time they will receive some well-deserved bonuses that they can invest in their own pleasures. Also, with these financial peaks sprinkled throughout the year, they will have the opportunity to purchase an important home-based object or even to make renovations.

Taurus Horoscope 2018 : changes and decisive choices for your sign

In 2018, the success story, with positive Neptune and Pluto, will be resourceful, creative and you will be able to sail even in the event of difficulty. The changes, professional, economic, set by Neptune do not scare you, but on the contrary, they stimulate you. In 2016 you have been favored by the powerful influence of Jupiter that has been your ally throughout the year, now is the time to put the gifts of the planet of luck to fruition. For much of the year 2017, Jupiter does not look like your sign, at least until October, when he gets into Scorpio in an unfavorable look. So be careful, from October to December, to spending money and do not venture into financial firms that might turn out to be bankrupt. However, who has worked well will succeed in achieving the goals that he has set, next year, Saturn will reward you in your favor.


In 2018, material wellbeing, a key element for Taurus, combined with a dose of creativity, will be assured by Pluto and Neptune who look at you benevolent. It is a period of great renewal and growth, in which you can realize yourself and affirm in the eyes of the superiors.


2018 opens with the love of the planet of love, passionate passions and passions roar. With Neptune and Pluto in a harmonic corner, even those who are paired will not be bored, a plethora of fantasy and sensuality will also revitalize the tiredest relationships. Favorites are mostly born in the second and third decades, which in the new year will see renewed passion and harmony in affective relationships. And if the capricious goddess of fortune spreads his gifts at alternate times, certainly the most favorite months will be January, April and June, when Mars will not be negative. In October, Jupiter will pass through a disarming bow, beware of any dazzling or irresistible call of a partner with which the solid relationship, which is indispensable for you, can not materialize.

Health and beauty

The first days of 2018 will be characterized by small disturbances (to see a detail description of 2018 horoscope click here), perhaps due to the year-round blows, but be calm, Venus will squeeze the eye throughout January, April and June, when it comes into your mark. These are the ideal months for refreshing the look, perhaps including some ethnic elements, as suggested by Neptune and Pluto in favor. Your charm will be magnetic and unusual. From July until September, with Mars, your energies will not be at the top and you may feel the weight of the difficult months just past. Dedicate to outdoor walks, where, in your friend’s nature, you will find the strength to face the fall. From September, in fact, the small summer imbalances will be one reminder and you will be ready to deal with some pitfall caused by dissonant Jupiter, starting in October.

The Sun passes in Taurus in a period around April 20 – May 21.

Its element is the Earth, like Virgin and Capricorn.
His Governor Planet is Venus: for this reason, the favorable day is Friday.
It is a Fixed sign, like Lion, Scorpio and Aquarius.
Its color is Green, its lucky stone is the Emerald, the metal is the Copper, the flower is the Rose.

Taurus, in an ideal succession of vital tasks attributed to zodiacal signs, is the sign of a little rigor in the innovative breakdown created by other signs, beginning with Ariete. Where others create, the Bull keeps. The world would have little to do if it could not rely on the ability to store and defend this sign! Tory natives persevere in getting their own results. They do not believe much in headshots or luck: they need their own order and organization that other signs sometimes find boring but have an impeccable reason to be.

Taurus has a relationship with his belongings that might seem obsessive, but that he does not cause any concern. The people of Taurus are able to put aside with little effort those savings that give them the peace of mind they need. They are capable of excellent financial transactions: not by chance, the symbol of the rising stock market is represented by the Bull, opposed to the dangerous and lethargic bear.

Controlled by Venus, Taurus enjoys conveniences and objects of aesthetic value. He loves to surround himself with beautiful things and improve his appearance with precious clothes and a well looked after look. He carries out all his daily activities with care and expertise, some mistakenly swapping for slowness but ultimately being his winning weapon. Careful to the details and endowed with a good appetite for listening, he knows how to help others. In fact, of Taurus there are excellent doctors, overcome only by some of the Virgin, which are colder and more objective.

What are the body parts that correspond to Taurus?
The Taurus is astrologically tied to the lower part of the head, as well as the neck and throat. The natives of this sign may be affected by colds more frequently than other signs. Oral hygiene needs to be treated in a special way. In addition, smoking must be absolutely avoided.

Horoscope for year 2017 – read a real astrology forecast

September 9, 2016, Jupiter has entered Libra, the sign associated to justice, harmony and love, and above all the equal rights in relations.

Everything will take its own “measure” in the world, its balance and its function. You have to go from the general chaos to harmony and order. Jupiter in Libra collectively asks us to find the meaning of inner and extent of our role in the world, but above all to understand the value of our relationships. Respect comes from the recognition of the values ​​and content that other, different from me, brings me. Only by recognizing the other’s function we’ll find it in us and so better understand our own. Jupiter in the year, it will often be disturbed by the square of Pluto and opposition of Uranus, the clash between these planets will give rise to a Cardinal Cross, High Voltage look that indicates unexpected changes, twists, crisis in some so we have been tried between 2012 and 2015 when Uranus and Pluto were in quadrature.

If last year the Mobile Cross called for greater flexibility, the prophesy of the future by observation of stars and planets will require more proactive and initiative to leave old patterns and situations threadbare. The cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn) will be influenced more by the passage in question, and will be reviewing ways and motivations of their relations. Many might renew their vows, while others may decide to leave unsatisfying marriage. The signs most favored by the passage of Jupiter in Libra will be Gemini, Aquarius, Leo, Sagittarius.

In many cases you will have to switch from one extreme to the other to arrive at a balance point.

On October 10, Jupiter will enter Scorpio, sign associated with sexuality, power, death and rebirth. To innovate and grow we must have the courage to abandon the known and move into the unknown. Only then can we really understand what we are. The keyword last four months of the year and 2018 will be renewal. To develop the human being must be renewed, must let go of all that is unnecessary and focus on what really counts.

December 20, Saturn will leave the sign of Sagittarius to enter the sign of Capricorn, the sign in which he has his domicile. Capricorn is the sign associated to the institutions, the state, and we can expect in the coming years, profound changes and restructuring in its institutions and in the use of power.


Mercury will be: in Capricorn January 1 to 3 retrograde between 3 and 0 degrees and from 12 January to 6 February; in Sagittarius from 4 January to 11 to 29 degrees, (turns direct on January 8 09:44); in Aquarius February 7 to 24; in Pisces from February 25 all’12 March; in Aries from March 13 to March 30 and from April 20 to May 15 (retrograde from April 20 to May 2 between 29 and 24 degrees, turns direct on May 3 to 16: 34 to 24 degrees) in Taurus from 31 March to 19 April (retrograde from April 9 to April 19 between 4 and 0 degrees) and 16 May to 5 June; Gemini 6 to 20 June, in Cancer from June 21 to July 5, in Leo July 6 to 24 and backward from 31 August to 9 September, in Virgo from July 25 to September 29 (retrograde from 13 August to 4 September between 11 to 0 degrees of the Virgin, at 29 degrees of Leo from August 31 to September 9, turns direct on September 5 at 11:31), in Libra from September 30 to October 16, in Scorpio from October 17 to 4novembre, in Sagittarius from November 5 to January 10, 2018, (retrograde December 3 to 22, between 29 and 13 degrees, turns direct on December 23 at 01:52).

Venus will be: turns direct on April 15 at 10:19) in Aries from February 3 to April 2, and from 28 in Pisces from January 3 to February 2 and April 3 to 27 (retrograde between 29 and 26 degrees, April to June 5 (retrograde from March 4 to March 14, between 13 and 0 degrees), in Taurus from June 6 to July 4, in Gemini 5 to 30 July, in Cancer from 31 July to 25 August, from 26 in Leone August to 19 September, in Virgo from September 20 to October 13, in Libra from October 14 to November 6 in Scorpio November 7 to 30, in Sagittarius December 1 to 24, in Capricorn from December 25 to January 17, 2018.

Mars will be: in Pisces until January 27 in Aries from January 28 to March 9, in Taurus from 10 March to 20 April, in Gemini from April 21 to June 3, in Cancer from June 4 to July 19, from 20 in Leone July to September 4, in Virgo from September 5 to October 21, in Libra from October 22 to December 8, in Scorpio from December 9 to January 24 2018.

Saturn in Sagittarius until December 19 (retrograde from April 6 to 24 August between 27 and 21 degrees, directed August 25 at 12:10), in Capricorn on December 20.

Uranus in Aries (retrograde from August 3rd to January 1, 2018 between 28 and 24 degrees, turns direct January 2, 2018 at 14:12).

Neptune in Pisces, (retrograde from June 16 to November 19 between 14 and 11 degrees, turns direct on November 22 at 14:22).

Pluto in Capricorn, (retrograde from April 20 to September 27, between 19 and 16 degrees, turns direct on September 28 at 19:34).

Select under your zodiac sign to know the 2017 forecast for the body, mind, emotions, energy, relationships, spirituality.

Gemini february monthly horoscope

Relationships: In March, you will often be angry that you can not spend more time with your loved ones, friend Gemini, or not doing enough for them … in short, you will feel guilty and you will be wrong because your loved ones Will be much less demanding towards you than you. If you doubt, ask them the question and you will see that they will not reproach you. If possible, do not hesitate to associate them with one of your projects, entrust their hopes, your worries, … make them participate and you will feel closer to them.

As a couple, life will not be a long, quiet river, friend Gemini. Between disputes, sulks, various quarrels and reconciliations, the atmosphere of the hearth will not generate the monotony. The spouse will have a lot to do and will not always know on which feet to dance with you. You will not always know how to do with the loved one but it will be your fault. It will sometimes feel like you are pushing it out of patience just for fun but it will not. It’s just that you will not always know or you are, and instead of confiding you you will react excessively.
Bachelor, you will not know any more or you are, your feelings will be confused and you will need time to take stock of your desires and your needs. In short it will be a somewhat troubled period that will not facilitate romantic encounters which will not be an evil. You will not know what to do with a love story until your ideas, feelings, expectations are clearly established and sorted. Then you will be able to consider the future of a new eye. Meanwhile it is with your friends that you will seek and find a certain solace and that you will change the ideas.

Activities: In March, driven by a desire for change, you will seize every opportunity to get out of your routine to perform tasks and / or new responsibilities that will not only benefit your professional situation but will also take place in good conditions. On the other hand, it is not said that communication will pass well with everyone around you. There will be those who will believe in you and will support you and there will be others who will envy you and put a certain unwillingness to help you. It does not say that some will not benefit to put you spots in the wheels. Never mind ! Whether relationships are good or bad, for you alone will count the results and you will not let anyone prevent you from reaching your goals. In addition, if the current situation does not match your expectations and you have a chance to change direction you will do what it takes to not miss this opportunity to change course. The opinion of others will matter little to you.

Health: You will not lack ideas or projects, but it is the physique that will fish for lack of tone. Be careful not to assume your strength by wanting to do everything right away. Build up resting beaches and strengthen your defenses by taking vitamins, for example.


february monthly horoscope for Capricorn

Relationships: In this field, you will act like a deity invested with all the knowledge and all the rights and whatever your interlocutor: family members, friends … all will have to submit to your authority or die. Well, I’m exaggerating a bit, a lot even … but not that much. Besides, when you hear voices rising, it will not be to cheer you but to revolt against your decisions and put your supreme authority into question. You will have the choice: to sharply criticize your detractors and to show them that there are limits not to exceed or to drop ballast and to relax your attitude to avoid a revolt. What will you decide?
As a couple, it will not be easy for your spouse to express his opinions regardless of the subject of the conversation, including love in general and the couple in particular. Besides, in your case, we will be more ready for the monologue than for the conversation so much that you will impose your vision on things without listening to what she / he has to say. In short, do not be surprised if, in desperation, your apple half is silent at first, then turns your back to you in a second time. As long as she does not leave with her suitcases this will not be very serious and you will catch up. But do not push the plug too far and change attitude quickly before it becomes a serious problem between you.
Single, when you want to seduce you know how to make velvet paw and erase the seriousness of your face to the benefit of a warm smile and a naughty nothing. No doubt with such assets you will melt a few hearts. And as you have decided to take life as it comes, you will profit from it without any thought, even if in the depths of you you always hope for great love.

Activities: In this area you will play the deities invested with all the knowledge of the world and you will have to heart to share your vision of things with a professional entourage very astonished at first sight and who will be less understanding and receptive than yours relatives. It must be said that you will not go by four ways and that you will say what you have in mind without worrying if it suits your opponents. I confirm that this will not suit them at all: 1 – they will be surprised to see you give voice when you are usually much more discreet. 2 – your way of formulating things will look more like an order than a proposal. If you are in a position with a certain authority you will be able to afford it (and still under certain conditions) but otherwise you will go straight into the wall. A tip: it might be better to drop a story telling people not to shock, then to formulate proposals instead of imposing your ideas if you want to convince. And if you smile more, you will win over!

Health: With spring on the tip of your nose, you may want to (re) play sports or other recreational activities. Why not ? You will need to unpack and change your ideas away from everyday problems.

Cancer monthly March 2017 horoscope

Relationships: With loved ones, relationships will be fine, friend Cancer and you will be able to count on each other in all circumstances. You will be available and attentive to their problems and in return they will be there in case of need and will respond immediately when you solicit them. It will not be surprising to see you all join forces around a common project that will benefit the whole family. The exchanges will be warm and if ever a conflict began undoubtedly it would be quickly defused. In short, the feeling of “clan” was never as strong as in this month of March, and for your pleasure.

As a couple, in order to appease the tensions that still rage a little within your couple and in order not to spoil the situation, you would rather take a little distance history to take stock of the past few weeks. You will be there in case of need, of course, but you will let the situation calm down of itself. Little by little harmony and complicity will resume their place and a common project, for which you will unite your forces, can even accelerate the process. In short, a beautiful lull will be established between you and the spouse over the days and the last tensions will disappear.

Bachelor, between the past that resurfaced and a new sentimental story that you no longer expect, you will have to choose. Emotional nostalgia or the attraction of novelty? You will hesitate. More than your head it is your heart that you are going to have to listen. He alone can tell you the way to go. And the heart never deceives itself.

Activities: If all goes well in your personal relationships, it will not be the same in your professional relationships. Indeed, the atmosphere will not really be to the joy and the exchanges with your colleagues will not be of a great help to you in your work. Despite everything you will hang because for you what counts the most are the results. No questions to give up because some evil spirits criticize you and jealous you. Only one solution: look straight ahead and keep moving without worrying about corridor noise and other rumors about you. You will do whatever it takes to change your situation favorably, take part in trainings, accept new tasks or responsibilities, take various steps to provoke opportunities … in short you will not spare your trouble. Some, however, worried about the aggravation of the situation, will wonder if it is better not to change course of way to really get away from this deleterious atmosphere.

Health: If you have made excesses the previous weeks you will have bad conscience and some will try to rectify the shooting by taking care of them again and their health. Small diet, resumption of physical activity … it will not hurt.