Another John Terry prediction for 2018

Search in google John Terry horoscope 2018 and you will the best astrological preictions for 2018 . In the following we will examine some of them :

HOROSCOP 2018, Pisces – The triangle that Saturn is doing in the Pisces quarry with Uranus in the House of Pisces money is excellent for structuring, organizing, materializing. The Saturn-Uranus Trigger emphasizes your determination and gives you a lot of strength in the struggle to reach the goals.

Fish Finance is stabilizing in 2018, after a rather chaotic period.

On the other hand, Jupiter will be in the Pisces Workhouse until August 2018, which makes you work harder and harder, brings opportunities for professional development and a generous reward of efforts.

All year 2018 is productive, but the great triangle formed between Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus and covering the vocal sectors of Pisces promises career success and strong financial gains especially for the first half of the year.

Until August 2018, Pisces’ health and hygiene are also in focus, and positive changes are favored. You can now find effective solutions (and even the money you need) to solve some medical problems, but also to improve the physical condition, even appearance, if you want.

But you will need to be more careful if you suffer from a “hyper” (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, blood glucose or high blood calcium).

The second part of the year 2018 brings Pisces pleasing news for love, marriage and diverse partnerships.

HOROSCOP 2018 Aries
– Year 2018 brings some notable changes. The house of love and creativity will be heavily influenced by Jupiter. Someone close will have a great success, making you proud that you are in your circle of friends.

Jupiter will also improve your personal relationship and that will happen until August 2018. You have to find a balance between your wishes and those of your life partner, so that everyone gets what they want.

You will be tempted with unprecedented entertainment suggestions and take part in activities that you have so far refused without thinking.

You will have more time to express yourself exactly as you feel, and if you work in the artistic field, it will be a period of maximum creativity.

In the first seven months of the year you will be more lucky from a financial point of view and you can even play at the lotto.

If you want children, you are now very likely to be a parent, and if you already have, your descendants will bring you a lot of joy, especially those in crossroads such as those with exams.

HOROSCOP 2018 Taurus

Saturn’s presence in the business house will bring a lot of good things, some even surprising.

In the family life you will have amazing results this year, older wishes will be fulfilled and even the number of members will increase. It takes more time for loved ones, especially as there are situations where you have to deal with patience and understanding.

In the first half of the year, you will volunteer in various activities to help people in need. Consider what you can offer to others.

You have to keep your calm, even when someone else does not appreciate your work. Your praise and prizes will come after a while from your accomplishments.

Because of Saturn’s presence in the home of health, you will face ups and downs, but everything should be handled with care. Generally, there will be no serious illnesses or life-threatening conditions.

The year 2018 will be favorable to amorous relationships. Home sickness is over, because you understand what your life partner wants and you have complied. On the other hand, do not be tempted to always have justice because it is not a good road. Teens meet a loved one, and falling in love will make them radiate.

Trust itself will prove to be the key to succeeding in your career. You earn a serious man’s reputation in the circles you turn around and many will appeal to your experience in the field in which you work.

Good signs are also financially. A younger brother or friend engages you in a business that you will have a lot to win.

The great Leo ally in 2018 is Jupiter.

Jupiter – also called the Great Benefice – is in Leo until August 11, 2018 and is considered to be a lender of luck, optimism and expansion.

With Jupiter next to you, you have a very high moral and nothing seems too difficult for you to do. See the positive side of things, have a sense of humor developed, you are open to people and new ideas, and your sincerity and generous nature is better outlined.

In 2018 you travel more, further or to more exotic destinations than usual. You can come in contact with strangers, multinational companies or establish long distance relationships.

Jupiter favors higher level knowledge, so it can direct Lei to educational, scientific, editorial, cultural or spiritual activities, all the more so as Jupiter forms a beautiful triangle with Uranus, which is located in the upper mental house, of concepts And abstract thinking.

In the first half of 2018, Jupiter triggers Saturn. It is a constructive aspect with great administrative and organizational virtues that sustains Lei in fulfilling its desires and projects, bringing them balance and stability.

The Jupiter-Saturn Trigon is favorable to the Leo, including in a relational plane, both in working partnerships, as well as in love or marriage.

Children are an important subject for Leo in 2018.

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