Tiger Zodiac Compatibility in 2018

COMPATIBILITY OF THE Rat – TIGER In business, you are a perfect and powerful couple. Common personality: practical sense and courage. Love, marriage, relationships: kept with luck and trust. The rat must put its abilities into operation wisely when it comes to a Tiger full of energy and charm. Relationships arise harmoniously when both partners carefully weigh the words before… More →

Another John Terry prediction for 2018

Search in google John Terry horoscope 2018 and you will the best astrological preictions for 2018 . In the following we will examine some of them : HOROSCOP 2018, Pisces – The triangle that Saturn is doing in the Pisces quarry with Uranus in the House of Pisces money is excellent for structuring, organizing, materializing. The Saturn-Uranus Trigger emphasizes your… More →

Taurus Horoscope 2018 : changes and decisive choices for your sign

In 2018, the success story, with positive Neptune and Pluto, will be resourceful, creative and you will be able to sail even in the event of difficulty. The changes, professional, economic, set by Neptune do not scare you, but on the contrary, they stimulate you. In 2016 you have been favored by the powerful influence of Jupiter that has been… More →