Cancer monthly March 2017 horoscope

Relationships: With loved ones, relationships will be fine, friend Cancer and you will be able to count on each other in all circumstances. You will be available and attentive to their problems and in return they will be there in case of need and will respond immediately when you solicit them. It will not be surprising to see you all join forces around a common project that will benefit the whole family. The exchanges will be warm and if ever a conflict began undoubtedly it would be quickly defused. In short, the feeling of “clan” was never as strong as in this month of March, and for your pleasure.

As a couple, in order to appease the tensions that still rage a little within your couple and in order not to spoil the situation, you would rather take a little distance history to take stock of the past few weeks. You will be there in case of need, of course, but you will let the situation calm down of itself. Little by little harmony and complicity will resume their place and a common project, for which you will unite your forces, can even accelerate the process. In short, a beautiful lull will be established between you and the spouse over the days and the last tensions will disappear.

Bachelor, between the past that resurfaced and a new sentimental story that you no longer expect, you will have to choose. Emotional nostalgia or the attraction of novelty? You will hesitate. More than your head it is your heart that you are going to have to listen. He alone can tell you the way to go. And the heart never deceives itself.

Activities: If all goes well in your personal relationships, it will not be the same in your professional relationships. Indeed, the atmosphere will not really be to the joy and the exchanges with your colleagues will not be of a great help to you in your work. Despite everything you will hang because for you what counts the most are the results. No questions to give up because some evil spirits criticize you and jealous you. Only one solution: look straight ahead and keep moving without worrying about corridor noise and other rumors about you. You will do whatever it takes to change your situation favorably, take part in trainings, accept new tasks or responsibilities, take various steps to provoke opportunities … in short you will not spare your trouble. Some, however, worried about the aggravation of the situation, will wonder if it is better not to change course of way to really get away from this deleterious atmosphere.

Health: If you have made excesses the previous weeks you will have bad conscience and some will try to rectify the shooting by taking care of them again and their health. Small diet, resumption of physical activity … it will not hurt.

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