All you need to know about chinese new year 2019

Those who want to change their service are good at adopting a docile, learning and obedient attitude, not reacting after the first impulse. Otherwise, it may not take the wisest decision.

Excellent results will be those who are cerebral and who are patiently waiting to get the best results.

There is not a year in which to be impulsive or impetuous, think well of all aspects before making changes in service, at home or in any aspect that signifies major change. Even personally, think seriously before making a major decision. On you will find all you need to know about the chinese new year 2019.

Chinese Zodiac February 2019. pig Year: What’s Your Lucky And What Not, According to the Sign

The most trying ones will be the Rat and the Boar, the auspices are not favorable. It’s also not a good year for investment, it’s not a good idea to take a new home this year.

Men will have great success in August and September in the money and fame chapter, it is advisable that men can be more gold this year, as the Metal element is the key to improving their health.

What are the predictions for each sign?

The rat needs to adapt. You will lack confidence and you will have to work a lot for everything you propose.

The buffalo will have energy, you have the potential for success, you will become the target of gossip and you will be very irritable, so great care, try to defeat your fury.

The tiger will have vitality and a lot of self-confidence, but it is good to master it, as you will have to deal with some stupid stars that can hinder your way to success.

The rabbit has reason to smile this year! You will reap the hard work done over the last few years, because you are lucky this year.

Take advantage of all the opportunities that will come to you this year! Nevertheless, take care of hypocritical people and … thieves. Steaua Steaua will make its appearance. Even if you have good energy, do not look at too much an opportunity, so you do not waste your luck brought by your pig, your secret friend.

Dragon. You do not have too good energy this year, because the Dragon sign is in conflict with the pig’s sign. So be careful about decisions, do not hurry and weigh all the decisions.
What the pig of the Earth brings to you. Major changes for the zodiac

The snake is the undisputed star of this year. You will have good relationships, good luck in your career and in your private life. You are the zodiac that can have a fabulous success in the Year of the pig.

The horse is the second favored sign of the year after the Snake. He will escape from the addiction he has developed in previous years, will be lucky, successful and will float this year.

The sheep will benefit greatly from the pig’s year. With many opportunities and blessings, the ambitious sheep can go far this year. It is good to take good care of the health, to make analyzes even if it does not hurt anything and to avoid pain spots such as hospitals or cemeteries.

The monkey will enjoy a progressive energy this year, but luck will only manifest if you make great efforts.

The cock is on the wave, it will benefit from an unsuccessful success, things will be nice for you this year. You will have the joys of the achievements of your career, less of your personal life.

It is your year, but you do not have a very good mood. Wait for a series of positive events, it is the year when you have to let go of the wave and meet the luck and the opportunities that will come out of your way this year.

The happiest signs of the new Chinese year. Do you count among them?

The boar, like the pig, will benefit from the energy of the year, if left to be held up by events. But whenever something does not go out as you like, you will be very demoralized. You will not have a good mood. Despite these thoughts, do not self-help yourself and try not to become your fiercest enemy.
The most important traditional Chinese celebration

The Chinese New Year is the most important traditional Chinese celebration. The festival usually begins on the first day of the first month of the Chinese calendar and ends with the Lampion Festival which takes place on the fifteenth day. The New Year’s Eve is called chú xī.

The origin of the celebration is centuries old and is surrounded by many legends and customs. In ancient times, this period was one in which people reflected on how they behaved and what they believed more in last year.

The Chinese New Year is celebrated in countries and territories with large Chinese population, such as the People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, as well as Chinese neighborhoods in cities around the world. The Chinese New Year is considered to be a great feast in China and has over time influenced the New Year’s celebration by the neighboring peoples as well as the cultures with which the Chinese came into contact with such as the Koreans (Seollal ), the Tibetans and the Bhutanians (Losar), the Mongols (Tsagaan Sar), the Vietnamese (Tết) and the Japanese before 1873 (O-shōgatsu).

In countries such as Australia, Canada, and the United States, although Chinese New Year is not an official holiday, ethnic Chinese celebrate and postal issues thematic stamps.
The pig of the Earth Year: Major changes for this sign are favored

On the territory of China, customs and regional traditions on this occasion are very diverse. People buy gifts, decorations, textiles, food and clothing. There is a habit of every family doing a general cleaning in the house to remove any misfortune in the hope of a better year. The windows and doors are decorated with red paper decorations and tweets on popular themes: “happiness”, “wealth” and “long life”. Dinner served in the family on New Year’s Eve includes pork, duck or chicken, as well as a sweet dessert, and the evening ends with fireworks. The next morning, children greet their parents a happy new year with health, receiving money in red paper envelopes.

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