Compatibility between virgo and Pisces

Here is an association that is likely to lead to a love story.

When Monsieur pisces meets Mademoiselle virgo, he dreams of a love with a great A, of a love that carries him. Romantic, hypersensitive under the appearances he wants to give himself, the Pisces man is immediately under the charm of this woman discreet, measured, sensitive. He guesses that with her, he will live great emotions. She showed nothing, controlled herself to excess, but under the mirror, he found a woman full of desires and unfulfilled fantasies.

On his side, the native of the virgo, very observant, immediately remarks that the native of Pisces is very different from other men. Its softness, its intuition, its finesse are its attractions seduction. She who usually needs time to make her choices in love surrenders voluptuously in her arms. She confides in him.

Together, they will live a story of great complicity, of great intensity.

The virgo will be a stable landmark for her companion. It will provide him with the reassurance and confidence he needs to carry out his projects. Loving that everything is under control, she will not hesitate to take the direction of the operations, including in her home, which will not displease her companion.

Pisces does not particularly care for the material aspect of things. He will gladly delegate his responsibilities to his companion who, as a perfectionist, will be happy that things are done as she wishes.

As a couple, they can find a satisfactory balance because they are very complementary. They will understand each other, support each other in difficulties.

Nevertheless, Madam Vierge will certainly have difficulty expressing his feelings and show his emotions, Mr. pisces will evolve in his world and will take refuge in his imagination as soon as the difficulties point their nose.

Thus, over time, their union may no longer have the same intensity. Misunderstandings, resentments could well tarnish their beautiful complicity of departure. They may even come to live side by side without sharing the essentials, each living as entrenched on his own desires.

Moreover, the virgo may well tend to want to take the ascendancy over her partner. Sometimes influenced, capable of abnegation for love, the native of Pisces could shut himself up in a relationship that suits him only half. To too much want to conform to the desires of the other, it risks to alienate to his companion. The awakening, when it takes place, will then risk being brutal!

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