february monthly horoscope for Capricorn

Relationships: In this field, you will act like a deity invested with all the knowledge and all the rights and whatever your interlocutor: family members, friends … all will have to submit to your authority or die. Well, I’m exaggerating a bit, a lot even … but not that much. Besides, when you hear voices rising, it will not be to cheer you but to revolt against your decisions and put your supreme authority into question. You will have the choice: to sharply criticize your detractors and to show them that there are limits not to exceed or to drop ballast and to relax your attitude to avoid a revolt. What will you decide?
As a couple, it will not be easy for your spouse to express his opinions regardless of the subject of the conversation, including love in general and the couple in particular. Besides, in your case, we will be more ready for the monologue than for the conversation so much that you will impose your vision on things without listening to what she / he has to say. In short, do not be surprised if, in desperation, your apple half is silent at first, then turns your back to you in a second time. As long as she does not leave with her suitcases this will not be very serious and you will catch up. But do not push the plug too far and change attitude quickly before it becomes a serious problem between you.
Single, when you want to seduce you know how to make velvet paw and erase the seriousness of your face to the benefit of a warm smile and a naughty nothing. No doubt with such assets you will melt a few hearts. And as you have decided to take life as it comes, you will profit from it without any thought, even if in the depths of you you always hope for great love.

Activities: In this area you will play the deities invested with all the knowledge of the world and you will have to heart to share your vision of things with a professional entourage very astonished at first sight and who will be less understanding and receptive than yours relatives. It must be said that you will not go by four ways and that you will say what you have in mind without worrying if it suits your opponents. I confirm that this will not suit them at all: 1 – they will be surprised to see you give voice when you are usually much more discreet. 2 – your way of formulating things will look more like an order than a proposal. If you are in a position with a certain authority you will be able to afford it (and still under certain conditions) but otherwise you will go straight into the wall. A tip: it might be better to drop a story telling people not to shock, then to formulate proposals instead of imposing your ideas if you want to convince. And if you smile more, you will win over!

Health: With spring on the tip of your nose, you may want to (re) play sports or other recreational activities. Why not ? You will need to unpack and change your ideas away from everyday problems.

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