Find your free December 2016 horoscope for Aquarius

What a pleasure for an Aquarius to be able to make only his head, even if it shocks some and if it disturbs some! This is what the planet Mars proposes to you in your sign, between the 10 and the 25 of November. We say everything we think, we act only as we like, we make in passing a foot-of-nose to the right-thinking and we crunch life to the fullest. Those who are indisposed have only to meddle in their affairs; you, you have nothing to do with it! This is a freeway of freedom that you can enjoy (without abusing it). 2nd decan: until November 7, avoid being too cynical! Your little ironic remarks will not go unnoticed and may fall on your nose. Remember that counterproductive criticism can be confused with jealousy. It becomes much more convincing after the 22nd of November: it is here that you will be able to strike a blow, to emerge positive weapons, to win points against an opponent, to free yourself from a constraining obstacle and to benefit from your experience to aim at the ” Excellency. The Mars-Jupiter-Saturn agreement of this end of the month should initiate a lucky breakthrough of your projects. It will last until December 8 so play all for the whole and you will win every time! 3rd decan: before the 13th, you will undoubtedly find that life is full of pleasant surprises and unexpected and that it is decidedly worth to be lived. Never be bored, much improvised and often solicited: this is what can immediately rejoice a true Aquarius. At the same time, avoid too incisive or slanderous with intruders (or those you dislike). It would not give you a good reputation. After November 25, your meetings can succeed in one way or another. There will always be something to exploit, an opportunity to broaden your horizons or ideas to seize during privileged exchanges. Be attentive and always ready to bounce: it should fuse!

As long as your darling is not too exclusive and lets you do a little everything you want, the sentimental atmosphere should be neutral to ideal. But on the other hand, if he expressed some reservations about your (temporary) emancipation desires, he would not have the beautiful role and you could quickly classify him in the clan of the rabat-joie. That’s it! Love is good but your relationship should not turn into a golden prison. 2nd decan: your relationship (which was already enriched at the end of last month) will bring you a lot until November 5th. We offer the support we need, we project ourselves in the future with a lot of serenity, we can envisage a real estate purchase in common. It is very healthy, you do not doubt anything and it suits you particularly well. After this particularly reassuring phase, it should roll a little bit of time on the heart. 3rd decan: oh that you like when it ceases to be plan-plan and that it concocts to you some pretty surprises or plans unpublished! It could be as nice as that between November 4 and 13, because the flamboyant Venus in Sagittarius allies with the amazing Uranus. It is titillating almost every day and this irresistible smile (which never leaves you) will leave it especially marble …

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