free horoscope May 2016 – Sign of the Taurus

Your month of May 2016 Taurus will be productive and will help you see more clearly in all your projects. Enjoy the influence of Mercury that will allow you to express yourself more easily, to say out loud what you think, and Venus will help temper your remarks to dose between truth and diplomacy.

The Marseille tarot board for your free monthly horoscope bull May: the trolley brings a great step forward in every area and if you stay focused on the basics, you will unlock some months mired situations.

Couple this month of May 2016 Taurus looks very sunny and you’ll construction preferences, some-thing solid and strong, just to leave behind once and for all the hassle of the past weeks. You will take the time with your partner to think about the direction you want your relationship by developing new projects, different from those that you have considered previously but eventually you most resemble. The only negative is your constant need for reassurance, this will sometimes take you to say things a little too roughly and what will leave with good intentions can cause trouble in your half.

Fortunately Venus will watch over your love throughout the month of May 2016 Taurus and you will have a largely benevolent attitude that will make you forgive your little slippage.

Enjoy especially the second part of the month, you déborderez energy and be able to move mountains, you take the opportunity to increase attention and schedule many activities that you share with your significant other and you will take to find yourself and strengthen your complicity.

Single, your month of May 2016 Taurus will be shot on the stability and Mars reinforcements will help you take the step to dare to express more directly expectations. You have tended to follow the others, this time you will waste time in useless meetings and stay focused on your expectation, that of meeting someone to last in the relationship. And you go to basics by leaning more on the personality, the soul, the spirit of the other rather than trivia.

And it will pay off, especially on the very end of May 2016 Taurus where someone coming into resonance with you on his thinking, to consider the future will cross your path.

Do not try to show you harder than you are at this meeting, your faults are also qualities and indicate your personality. Let the other you discover as you are not afraid to unveil, you will see that things seem fast natural.

In your work, this month of May 2016 Taurus will be evolving yourself and do everything you can to make things happen, even in rush stretchers time to time to be heard.

Still want to go into force will not be the best solution and you will often tend to look at the negative without seeing the progress already made. Try to show you more objective and diplomat to evolve.

This will be the second fortnight of May 2016 Taurus will be the trickiest, absolutely you will seek to rally others to your cause, but it will not be good and evil you to turn back.

Show you know less stubborn bull and recognize your mistakes to rectify the situation as quickly as possible. Persevere in the wrong direction will not help you, just make you lose time.

Saturn and Jupiter will influence the very end of the month and the atmosphere will be less burdensome.

Take the opportunity to put some order in your priorities and review your short term career goals

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