Gemini february monthly horoscope

Relationships: In March, you will often be angry that you can not spend more time with your loved ones, friend Gemini, or not doing enough for them … in short, you will feel guilty and you will be wrong because your loved ones Will be much less demanding towards you than you. If you doubt, ask them the question and you will see that they will not reproach you. If possible, do not hesitate to associate them with one of your projects, entrust their hopes, your worries, … make them participate and you will feel closer to them.

As a couple, life will not be a long, quiet river, friend Gemini. Between disputes, sulks, various quarrels and reconciliations, the atmosphere of the hearth will not generate the monotony. The spouse will have a lot to do and will not always know on which feet to dance with you. You will not always know how to do with the loved one but it will be your fault. It will sometimes feel like you are pushing it out of patience just for fun but it will not. It’s just that you will not always know or you are, and instead of confiding you you will react excessively.
Bachelor, you will not know any more or you are, your feelings will be confused and you will need time to take stock of your desires and your needs. In short it will be a somewhat troubled period that will not facilitate romantic encounters which will not be an evil. You will not know what to do with a love story until your ideas, feelings, expectations are clearly established and sorted. Then you will be able to consider the future of a new eye. Meanwhile it is with your friends that you will seek and find a certain solace and that you will change the ideas.

Activities: In March, driven by a desire for change, you will seize every opportunity to get out of your routine to perform tasks and / or new responsibilities that will not only benefit your professional situation but will also take place in good conditions. On the other hand, it is not said that communication will pass well with everyone around you. There will be those who will believe in you and will support you and there will be others who will envy you and put a certain unwillingness to help you. It does not say that some will not benefit to put you spots in the wheels. Never mind ! Whether relationships are good or bad, for you alone will count the results and you will not let anyone prevent you from reaching your goals. In addition, if the current situation does not match your expectations and you have a chance to change direction you will do what it takes to not miss this opportunity to change course. The opinion of others will matter little to you.

Health: You will not lack ideas or projects, but it is the physique that will fish for lack of tone. Be careful not to assume your strength by wanting to do everything right away. Build up resting beaches and strengthen your defenses by taking vitamins, for example.

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