Gemini – your july monthy horoscope


If you are looking for a soul mate, unfortunately it will not take you expect to find the gem! Anyway Venus duet with Mercury will focus more your desires to the fun and charm that really the search for true love. You will not hesitate to reach out to others and to flaunt your charms, which I must say are quite impressive! Clearly, you will have great success with others, but a priori nobody really has the time to please you.
In a relationship with

Couples, however careful your side who will be jealous and possessive this month very strong! You will not be able to trust your partner and will tend to monitor and even to dig into his laptop. Tell yourself that fear does not avoid danger and that it is not remaining constantly on the back of your partner that you will succeed to keep his affection. Try instead, to let him breathe a little and give him a little more confidence, while focusing primarily on communication that will give an important!
My work

At work this month, things will not necessarily obvious! Not only Venus will give you most want to have fun and entertain your colleagues that really work, and another side that Neptune could give you a little head side in the air that will bring you quickly to make mistakes! That will not necessarily give a smile to your superiors that because you have the eye! Stay wary first!
my Finance

Quiet, very quiet even side finances this month! The stars will abandon indeed areas of your financial life. No problems so feared, but also no perspective strokes of luck! So he should not count on fate if you cram even in a difficult situation! The secret will remain moderate, at your expenses. The time will not be ideal to invest or to make a major purchase.
My well-being

March strongly influence this month, will give you certainly a beautiful dynamic, but could also make you a little nervous and stressed. You’ll struggle to relax you or let you go. A tip, take the time to ask yourself and discover the benefits of a small nap during the day, also think about the benefits of water! sauna, steam room and workout with dip, you will do the most good.

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