good news for 2017 – read your yearly horoscope


The good news is that unpredictable Uranus in your cash zone also means you could have large amounts of cash you weren’t expecting going into your account, as well as going out of it.

One of the main Uranus keywords is “independence” and it’s true that financial independence is more possible for you now. Best of all, since Uranus is one of your rulers, you’re better able than most to deal with his energies. Going with the flow where cash is concerned and keeping a little aside at all times is your best bet now.

That’s the big picture. Looking at the year as it unfolds, you’re going to be best placed to set aside some savings around late February, when the New Moon supports you. March also looks pretty good, and asking for a raise if you’re due one could work then.

The end of July and August look good for salaries, as well as for Aquarians determined to pay off their credit cards and loans. Happily, you end the year with money planet, Venus, in your sign – treat yourself.


As the year begins, the skies suggest you’re going to be having too much fun to be too worried about work. Fair enough! Your friends zone is lit up like it’s still Christmas.

However, as you go about socialising early in 2017, do be a bit canny. Are there people in the social groups you’re moving in who you could look to for some help in making your career goals happen?

Since Uranus is bothering your cash zone, you do need to think about how to earn a little more than you need in 2017, so you can have some savings behind you. In 2017 Scorpio rules your career zone, which means you might be less than keen to talk about “what you do”, however it’s worth sharing your feelings about work this year.

Saturn has been hanging out in your work routines zone, so hopefully you have a good work rhythm going now. Use the remainder of his stay there (until July) to build schedules, put long-term plans in place and to discipline yourself.

If you can manage all that, there will be just about no cash curveball Uranus can throw you which you won’t be ready for.


January 13, February 15, February 20, March 4, April 24, May 15, June 12, July 2, July 24, August 15, September 18, October 14, October 30, November 12, December 29.
Yearly Horoscope Aquarius

Saturn moves into your love zone mid-year, so if you’re clinging on to a relationship which is all but over, there’s probably not going to be a lot you can do to revive it now. And in a good relationship? Saturn will help you move from casual to committed.

Venus arrives in your sign in February, bringing you charm and appeal. February is actually a very important month for you if you want to find new love this year, as it brings with it the chance for you to have a close look at yourself and how you relate to others. If you know you need a revamp in the way you’re presenting yourself, go for it.

March to May is looking good potentially. Mars in your sign in March and April means you’ve got a lot of extra energy. It’s often said that when Mars is in your sign, you need to find someone to make love to, or else that added va va voom will just come out as anger. You have been warned! (Alternatively, try a vigorous sport!) Meanwhile, May sees Venus tickling your sex zone, so once again, the stars are on your side if it’s a little slap and tickle you’re after.

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