Horoscope for 2017 : scorpion…read your complete horoscope


Listen to yourself! Your love horoscope 2017 ad many questioned. Whatever decision you make, you decide based on your priorities. What is most important to you? What kind of life do you want? As many questions as you need to be addressed this year. To do this, you will play the card of truth even complicate situations. But appeasement through sincerity, especially in February and May.

Feel free to use aggressive means to make your decisions. In your horoscope 2017, the period is favorable to a change in your love and family life. The last five months of the year, you will assume your choices and you will not let yourself be influenced by anyone. Your love life will be turned upside down to you to redefine the rules. Enjoy the passion that point the tip of his nose making sure you do not lose.


Your horoscope 2017 you predicted a strong ally in the field of labor and finance: the chance. Do not expect to necessarily win the jackpot in Lotto, but the chance will help you more than once financially regarding important details. For your daily expenses, use your imagination to overcome any difficulties.

Starting in June, according to your horoscope 2017, you should be able to break even including considering other sources of income. If you will not be immune to some hassles menus (invoice omissions, etc.), your optimism will force you to move forward. Especially as your new personal circumstances force you to make choices.


You will have energy to spare. Great news that should not cause you to scatter you all over the place. Target your particular goals they require your full attention. In the first half of the year, your health horoscope 2017 you predicted intense activity whether at the professional level as personal.

In July, it is likely that you feel suddenly less well. It is also vacation time, and if you enjoy them to relax in a natural environment, away from stress? When delivered plumb, no big cloud on the horizon should not ruin your season. Take care however to your greed could play tricks …

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