Horoscope for year 2017 – read a real astrology forecast

September 9, 2016, Jupiter has entered Libra, the sign associated to justice, harmony and love, and above all the equal rights in relations.

Everything will take its own “measure” in the world, its balance and its function. You have to go from the general chaos to harmony and order. Jupiter in Libra collectively asks us to find the meaning of inner and extent of our role in the world, but above all to understand the value of our relationships. Respect comes from the recognition of the values ​​and content that other, different from me, brings me. Only by recognizing the other’s function we’ll find it in us and so better understand our own. Jupiter in the year, it will often be disturbed by the square of Pluto and opposition of Uranus, the clash between these planets will give rise to a Cardinal Cross, High Voltage look that indicates unexpected changes, twists, crisis in some so we have been tried between 2012 and 2015 when Uranus and Pluto were in quadrature.

If last year the Mobile Cross called for greater flexibility, the prophesy of the future by observation of stars and planets will require more proactive and initiative to leave old patterns and situations threadbare. The cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn) will be influenced more by the passage in question, and will be reviewing ways and motivations of their relations. Many might renew their vows, while others may decide to leave unsatisfying marriage. The signs most favored by the passage of Jupiter in Libra will be Gemini, Aquarius, Leo, Sagittarius.

In many cases you will have to switch from one extreme to the other to arrive at a balance point.

On October 10, Jupiter will enter Scorpio, sign associated with sexuality, power, death and rebirth. To innovate and grow we must have the courage to abandon the known and move into the unknown. Only then can we really understand what we are. The keyword last four months of the year and 2018 will be renewal. To develop the human being must be renewed, must let go of all that is unnecessary and focus on what really counts.

December 20, Saturn will leave the sign of Sagittarius to enter the sign of Capricorn, the sign in which he has his domicile. Capricorn is the sign associated to the institutions, the state, and we can expect in the coming years, profound changes and restructuring in its institutions and in the use of power.


Mercury will be: in Capricorn January 1 to 3 retrograde between 3 and 0 degrees and from 12 January to 6 February; in Sagittarius from 4 January to 11 to 29 degrees, (turns direct on January 8 09:44); in Aquarius February 7 to 24; in Pisces from February 25 all’12 March; in Aries from March 13 to March 30 and from April 20 to May 15 (retrograde from April 20 to May 2 between 29 and 24 degrees, turns direct on May 3 to 16: 34 to 24 degrees) in Taurus from 31 March to 19 April (retrograde from April 9 to April 19 between 4 and 0 degrees) and 16 May to 5 June; Gemini 6 to 20 June, in Cancer from June 21 to July 5, in Leo July 6 to 24 and backward from 31 August to 9 September, in Virgo from July 25 to September 29 (retrograde from 13 August to 4 September between 11 to 0 degrees of the Virgin, at 29 degrees of Leo from August 31 to September 9, turns direct on September 5 at 11:31), in Libra from September 30 to October 16, in Scorpio from October 17 to 4novembre, in Sagittarius from November 5 to January 10, 2018, (retrograde December 3 to 22, between 29 and 13 degrees, turns direct on December 23 at 01:52).

Venus will be: turns direct on April 15 at 10:19) in Aries from February 3 to April 2, and from 28 in Pisces from January 3 to February 2 and April 3 to 27 (retrograde between 29 and 26 degrees, April to June 5 (retrograde from March 4 to March 14, between 13 and 0 degrees), in Taurus from June 6 to July 4, in Gemini 5 to 30 July, in Cancer from 31 July to 25 August, from 26 in Leone August to 19 September, in Virgo from September 20 to October 13, in Libra from October 14 to November 6 in Scorpio November 7 to 30, in Sagittarius December 1 to 24, in Capricorn from December 25 to January 17, 2018.

Mars will be: in Pisces until January 27 in Aries from January 28 to March 9, in Taurus from 10 March to 20 April, in Gemini from April 21 to June 3, in Cancer from June 4 to July 19, from 20 in Leone July to September 4, in Virgo from September 5 to October 21, in Libra from October 22 to December 8, in Scorpio from December 9 to January 24 2018.

Saturn in Sagittarius until December 19 (retrograde from April 6 to 24 August between 27 and 21 degrees, directed August 25 at 12:10), in Capricorn on December 20.

Uranus in Aries (retrograde from August 3rd to January 1, 2018 between 28 and 24 degrees, turns direct January 2, 2018 at 14:12).

Neptune in Pisces, (retrograde from June 16 to November 19 between 14 and 11 degrees, turns direct on November 22 at 14:22).

Pluto in Capricorn, (retrograde from April 20 to September 27, between 19 and 16 degrees, turns direct on September 28 at 19:34).

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