Horoscope – Welcome to this autumn months


Oh dear … what do they all find fault with this month? Your colleagues, your boss and your spouse now wasting their time without argumentative make decisions! In good leader addict to the action you are, you impatient piaffez silently the first ten days of the month. Then you start to move your troops if you are unable to obtain results to 22, explosion ahead to 25-26. They have it coming! Single, your contenders are too timid to your taste!


In the first week, you push past few roars to regain control of your love life … who will take a pleasant turn the rest of the month. Those couple finally feel heard and acknowledged and singles give the “la” of their courtship displays. At the office, you are cheerful, relaxed and not at all on the defensive: it helps to appreciate his work! Projects that are important to you … they will soon mature to the point.


Thoughtful month: for all your decisions you weigh at length the pros and cons. Please note, the risk is that your vacuum scruples do you cogitate without moving an inch. Dare to resolve, especially in your professional life, if interesting opportunities may escape around the heart 7. Side, pettiness and nitpicky you tired? You have one advantage: the balanced discussion, which does not bear all the blame to one or the other. Yes it’s hard but you see, it’s worth it.


The pace posed this month for you. work side, you have taken your mark, you have mastered your files: no unexpected can destabilize you. To 18 you might be commended for your professionalism. In your marriage, disagreements may emerge. They will be discussed with openness and calm, but the last week of the month will end on the finding of a misunderstanding, it will work to clear mines. Single: Dating opportunities 18 and 30.


October will be for you a month of consolidation. You started daring projects recently? After a successful launch phase, you strengthen their foundations and focus on the daily routine needed to carry them out. Côté heart, you will be more pragmatic than romantic. You lived for passionate outbursts lately? It is time to turn them into relationship. But if your love does not prove to be viable, you will make more foolish to try to save them.


This month, Mars, Jupiter and Venus are at your side: Excellent pick! You take control of your life to better organize. 17-18 to you the most from your fulfillment capabilities. Emotionally, you are more expansive, radiant, in a word: happy. A disappointment or loss of power on 11? It will not last: you bounce from the 23. The 26 is the apotheosis: engagement, marriage, memorable match? In any case it will happen something positive and concrete.


Since last month, diplomatic skills will be honored. Your relatives will without doubt in a position of arbiter: you will be the perfect role … except the last week of: if one tries to get involved in a situation when you are both judge and party, flee ! Nothing good will come. Emotionally, the first ten days you succeed: you go out, see the world. Enjoy! Singles, they are not shoes or at their feet, will be well surrounded.


That this is a nice month! Sentimental clouds September emerged: Accepts confidence and think constructively. As a couple, your pair is consolidating in depth, without show-off; you could make an important decision in the last week of the month. Single, a relationship could start smoothly, almost without your knowledge: from a new friend might be hiding a new love? Professionally, you carburez effectively while retaining time for you.


This month, arm yourself with patience. You could meet logistico administrative headaches that might annoy you! maximum intensity 7 and 18. Ask yourself to solve methodically, without neglecting the details: you’ll gain by rigor. At the health level, take care of yourself and necessary heal you: your body urges you. heart side, the first week is beautiful and intense, in the wake of October. Then you will have less time to spend with your love life.


Professionally, you score points: you do not tons, but you (very) well your job, and that’s what you are asked. Financially, it is not bad: you are building up your savings gradually. Procurement projects or major investment (real estate …) would they in the process of realization? Sentimentally, head and heart are not connections. You feel a strong desire for a person … but are your goals really the same?


After a high return in colors, October will allow you to take stock more quietly. Professionally, it’s time to settle certain details lying around until then and refine the installation of future projects. Level character, you’ll want to bring order to your home, but also your emotional life. The large enthusiastic outbursts recent months give way to reason: you spend your relationship or your contenders scanner. Beware talkers!


October asking you to partner in your work, with friends and in your marriage. If you are unable to think collectively to advance, you may fall in trench warfare with partners, including around 11 and then at month end. Listen to your empathy and deploy your sense of dialogue, which allow you to read an open book in other people’s motivations: they will help you negotiate intelligently, defusing any aggression, and achieve your goals.

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