Nostradamus: The Truth Behind the 2018 Prophecies

Perhaps the most famous and ever-reader of all time, Nostradamus, predicted hundreds of years ago the danger of a third world war.

Every time it comes to predictions about the end of the world, the name of the French visionary is on people’s lips. Not by chance, for he has some prophecies fulfilled. The eclipse of July 1999 once again highlighted the statement, which would have predicted that this last eclipse of the millennium end marks the military offensive of the yellow race. As a ray of hope for mankind, in 1999 it was remembered that Nostradamus’s last prophecy refers to the year 3.797. It is said that Nostradamus predicted the destruction of the Earth by the invasion of a great alien power. This destruction will take place in three successive stages: “The first wave” – ​​aliens come to Earth and take human forms infiltrated into key posts, prepare the invasion; “Second wave” – ​​they will attack relentlessly; “Third wave” – ​​the end of our planet. According to prophecy, the only salvation is “the blessed man twice,” who is the key to avoiding this catastrophic catastrophe.

The “centuries” of Nostradamus, published from 1555 to 1557, enjoyed the success of introducing the author to the Court. According to historical data, the visionary admitted that he consciously chose a “cryptic expression,” writing in an obscure language, starting from his contemporary French, but streaming with expressions and words of Italian, Greek, Spanish, Hebrew and Latin. Each prediction is built of four verses, a cathedral, but none brings poetry.

The visionary claimed that this style protected him from the punishment of the powerful, who were not always pleased with what he was predicting. But some observers, more skeptical, think that vague style is adopted consciously to leave room for interpretation. Therefore, there are approximately 400 different interpretations of the “Centurions”, each trying to reveal the secrets of the prophecies that continue until 3.797. “My writings will be better understood by those who come after my death,” the clairvoyant wrote. The name of the French astrologer, famous for his apocalyptic prophecies, is one of the most searched words on the Internet, and the books about him are sold like hot bread.

Steps to destruction
The 2018 prophecies of Nostradamus say the world economy will collapse. Because they will lose their fortunes, “the rich will die many times,” says the visionary. The sun will supply all the energy.

The current energy sources will be replaced by a cheap power that is abundantly derived from what Nostradamus calls the “King of Heaven”. According to the researcher, this is a description of a satellite that captures solar energy and transmits it to Earth. All taxes will be abolished following a riot. “People will refuse to pay taxes to the king,” writes the predictor.

Radiation will dry up the Earth: “The king will steal the forests, the sky will open, the fields will burn because of the heat,” writes Nostradamus. It is a warning that the destruction of tropical rainforests will lead to the thinning of the ozone layer, exposing the Earth to harmful ultraviolet radiation. Most people will leave the Earth in the next 300 years colonizing other systems. For most people, Earth “will become a myth,” predicts Nostradamus. The end of the world will take place in 2436.

Nostradamus declare with certainty that the history of humanity will end on October 1, 2436. He does not indicate the means by which mankind will be destroyed, but suggests that beings that we call our “old enemies” war.

Nostradamus’s prophecies were very popular during the Gulf War and before the eclipse of 1999. But in the shock of the first few days after the 2001 bombings, the Americans were very receptive to all sorts of fatalist theories, according to which terrorist acts would be the signal of the beginning of the Third World War or would mark the imminence of the end of the world. “Shaking fire in the center of the earth / It will shake the new city towers / Two great rocks will war long / Then Arethusa will become a new river.” This is 1.87 of the prophecies of Nostradamus, which the American Michael McClallan considers to describe nothing but the beginning of the Third World War, which will take 28 years. McClallan, author of “Nostradamus and the Last Era,” began in 1998 to write a new work on the predictions of the famous astrologer, entitled “Nostradamus and the New Prophecy Calendar,” which describes the beginning of the new millennium, in 2100.

Several prestigious publishers in the United States have been interested in publishing this book, but they have rejected the manuscript, on the grounds that it is too large.

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