february monthly horoscope for Capricorn

Relationships: In this field, you will act like a deity invested with all the knowledge and all the rights and whatever your interlocutor: family members, friends … all will have to submit to your authority or die. Well, I’m exaggerating a bit, a lot even … but not that much. Besides, when you hear voices rising, it will not be to cheer you but to revolt against your decisions and put your supreme authority into question. You will have the choice: to sharply criticize your detractors and to show them that there are limits not to exceed or to drop ballast and to relax your attitude to avoid a revolt. What will you decide?
As a couple, it will not be easy for your spouse to express his opinions regardless of the subject of the conversation, including love in general and the couple in particular. Besides, in your case, we will be more ready for the monologue than for the conversation so much that you will impose your vision on things without listening to what she / he has to say. In short, do not be surprised if, in desperation, your apple half is silent at first, then turns your back to you in a second time. As long as she does not leave with her suitcases this will not be very serious and you will catch up. But do not push the plug too far and change attitude quickly before it becomes a serious problem between you.
Single, when you want to seduce you know how to make velvet paw and erase the seriousness of your face to the benefit of a warm smile and a naughty nothing. No doubt with such assets you will melt a few hearts. And as you have decided to take life as it comes, you will profit from it without any thought, even if in the depths of you you always hope for great love.

Activities: In this area you will play the deities invested with all the knowledge of the world and you will have to heart to share your vision of things with a professional entourage very astonished at first sight and who will be less understanding and receptive than yours relatives. It must be said that you will not go by four ways and that you will say what you have in mind without worrying if it suits your opponents. I confirm that this will not suit them at all: 1 – they will be surprised to see you give voice when you are usually much more discreet. 2 – your way of formulating things will look more like an order than a proposal. If you are in a position with a certain authority you will be able to afford it (and still under certain conditions) but otherwise you will go straight into the wall. A tip: it might be better to drop a story telling people not to shock, then to formulate proposals instead of imposing your ideas if you want to convince. And if you smile more, you will win over!

Health: With spring on the tip of your nose, you may want to (re) play sports or other recreational activities. Why not ? You will need to unpack and change your ideas away from everyday problems.

Cancer monthly March 2017 horoscope

Relationships: With loved ones, relationships will be fine, friend Cancer and you will be able to count on each other in all circumstances. You will be available and attentive to their problems and in return they will be there in case of need and will respond immediately when you solicit them. It will not be surprising to see you all join forces around a common project that will benefit the whole family. The exchanges will be warm and if ever a conflict began undoubtedly it would be quickly defused. In short, the feeling of “clan” was never as strong as in this month of March, and for your pleasure.

As a couple, in order to appease the tensions that still rage a little within your couple and in order not to spoil the situation, you would rather take a little distance history to take stock of the past few weeks. You will be there in case of need, of course, but you will let the situation calm down of itself. Little by little harmony and complicity will resume their place and a common project, for which you will unite your forces, can even accelerate the process. In short, a beautiful lull will be established between you and the spouse over the days and the last tensions will disappear.

Bachelor, between the past that resurfaced and a new sentimental story that you no longer expect, you will have to choose. Emotional nostalgia or the attraction of novelty? You will hesitate. More than your head it is your heart that you are going to have to listen. He alone can tell you the way to go. And the heart never deceives itself.

Activities: If all goes well in your personal relationships, it will not be the same in your professional relationships. Indeed, the atmosphere will not really be to the joy and the exchanges with your colleagues will not be of a great help to you in your work. Despite everything you will hang because for you what counts the most are the results. No questions to give up because some evil spirits criticize you and jealous you. Only one solution: look straight ahead and keep moving without worrying about corridor noise and other rumors about you. You will do whatever it takes to change your situation favorably, take part in trainings, accept new tasks or responsibilities, take various steps to provoke opportunities … in short you will not spare your trouble. Some, however, worried about the aggravation of the situation, will wonder if it is better not to change course of way to really get away from this deleterious atmosphere.

Health: If you have made excesses the previous weeks you will have bad conscience and some will try to rectify the shooting by taking care of them again and their health. Small diet, resumption of physical activity … it will not hurt.

Find your free December 2016 horoscope for Aquarius

What a pleasure for an Aquarius to be able to make only his head, even if it shocks some and if it disturbs some! This is what the planet Mars proposes to you in your sign, between the 10 and the 25 of November. We say everything we think, we act only as we like, we make in passing a foot-of-nose to the right-thinking and we crunch life to the fullest. Those who are indisposed have only to meddle in their affairs; you, you have nothing to do with it! This is a freeway of freedom that you can enjoy (without abusing it). 2nd decan: until November 7, avoid being too cynical! Your little ironic remarks will not go unnoticed and may fall on your nose. Remember that counterproductive criticism can be confused with jealousy. It becomes much more convincing after the 22nd of November: it is here that you will be able to strike a blow, to emerge positive weapons, to win points against an opponent, to free yourself from a constraining obstacle and to benefit from your experience to aim at the ” Excellency. The Mars-Jupiter-Saturn agreement of this end of the month should initiate a lucky breakthrough of your projects. It will last until December 8 so play all for the whole and you will win every time! 3rd decan: before the 13th, you will undoubtedly find that life is full of pleasant surprises and unexpected and that it is decidedly worth to be lived. Never be bored, much improvised and often solicited: this is what can immediately rejoice a true Aquarius. At the same time, avoid too incisive or slanderous with intruders (or those you dislike). It would not give you a good reputation. After November 25, your meetings can succeed in one way or another. There will always be something to exploit, an opportunity to broaden your horizons or ideas to seize during privileged exchanges. Be attentive and always ready to bounce: it should fuse!

As long as your darling is not too exclusive and lets you do a little everything you want, the sentimental atmosphere should be neutral to ideal. But on the other hand, if he expressed some reservations about your (temporary) emancipation desires, he would not have the beautiful role and you could quickly classify him in the clan of the rabat-joie. That’s it! Love is good but your relationship should not turn into a golden prison. 2nd decan: your relationship (which was already enriched at the end of last month) will bring you a lot until November 5th. We offer the support we need, we project ourselves in the future with a lot of serenity, we can envisage a real estate purchase in common. It is very healthy, you do not doubt anything and it suits you particularly well. After this particularly reassuring phase, it should roll a little bit of time on the heart. 3rd decan: oh that you like when it ceases to be plan-plan and that it concocts to you some pretty surprises or plans unpublished! It could be as nice as that between November 4 and 13, because the flamboyant Venus in Sagittarius allies with the amazing Uranus. It is titillating almost every day and this irresistible smile (which never leaves you) will leave it especially marble …

Taurus horoscope predictions for 2017 – orientate yourself towards your goals

On the heart side, your 2017 Taurus horoscope promises to be a priority especially if you are a couple. You will want to get more involved in your relationship, strengthen your feelings and above all show your attachment to your partner. It is especially the Sun that will illuminate your love life on the whole of 2017 Taurus and if you were until a little lost or in floating, you will see more clearly in your expectations and deep desires at the end of this winter .

Yet the very first few weeks will not be of any rest; You will have on your side a choice to make, a decision to take and it will bother you not badly. Not that things do not go well, but you will be in full question and your need for stability will be stronger but not totally fulfilled.

It will be the dialogue with the other that will bring you your answers and as you will want to reinforce what you already have, you will know how to make the right decisions and act in the same direction.

The climate will therefore be good until the end of autumn 2017 Taurus where some delicate subjects will surface and come to generate conflicts. This will be the time for you to assert yourself sufficiently to orientate yourself towards your goals of couple without putting you in withdrawal nevertheless; Which may have been your concern over the past years.

Feel free to communicate throughout 2017 Taurus, this will really be the point to work, couple projects, joint projection you will both bring you the security and serenity you will seek.

For you bachelor, your Taurus horoscope will be promising sentimentally and rich in encounters of any kind. Besides, you will have an interest to prioritize your social life if you want to meet someone. The moment will not be propitious to remain cloistered in your home, closed between your walls, even if your celibacy can at times bring you a sense of security, known, a situation managed and reassuring; It is within festive and fun moments that you will make most of the lovely encounters that await you bull.

From the first weeks you will meet interesting, friendly for the most part, but who will play an essential role in the future; Because if the month of March 2017 brings you a meeting of quality, your friends and others of the circle will be there for something: invitation of knowledge, presentation of the friend of a friend, evening surrounded by friends; Whatever the context, it is in this precise frame that you will feel your heart capsize. Yet not everyone will know how to take the train in motion and will remain chilly. Rest assured, other periods of this year 2017 Taurus will be conducive to other beautiful encounters; Like the end of spring, the beginning of summer or the beginning of autumn.

The rest of your horoscpe bull will fill you up friendly and socially speaking but you will miss a little something to fall in love with.

Beware of your bad habit to too cautious bull, if you want to see things change, we will have to accept to be in action and not passivity, this will be your main concern during 2017; But the climate remains very tender and full of surprises, so open your eyes well!

Compatibility between virgo and Pisces

Here is an association that is likely to lead to a love story.

When Monsieur pisces meets Mademoiselle virgo, he dreams of a love with a great A, of a love that carries him. Romantic, hypersensitive under the appearances he wants to give himself, the Pisces man is immediately under the charm of this woman discreet, measured, sensitive. He guesses that with her, he will live great emotions. She showed nothing, controlled herself to excess, but under the mirror, he found a woman full of desires and unfulfilled fantasies.

On his side, the native of the virgo, very observant, immediately remarks that the native of Pisces is very different from other men. Its softness, its intuition, its finesse are its attractions seduction. She who usually needs time to make her choices in love surrenders voluptuously in her arms. She confides in him.

Together, they will live a story of great complicity, of great intensity.

The virgo will be a stable landmark for her companion. It will provide him with the reassurance and confidence he needs to carry out his projects. Loving that everything is under control, she will not hesitate to take the direction of the operations, including in her home, which will not displease her companion.

Pisces does not particularly care for the material aspect of things. He will gladly delegate his responsibilities to his companion who, as a perfectionist, will be happy that things are done as she wishes.

As a couple, they can find a satisfactory balance because they are very complementary. They will understand each other, support each other in difficulties.

Nevertheless, Madam Vierge will certainly have difficulty expressing his feelings and show his emotions, Mr. pisces will evolve in his world and will take refuge in his imagination as soon as the difficulties point their nose.

Thus, over time, their union may no longer have the same intensity. Misunderstandings, resentments could well tarnish their beautiful complicity of departure. They may even come to live side by side without sharing the essentials, each living as entrenched on his own desires.

Moreover, the virgo may well tend to want to take the ascendancy over her partner. Sometimes influenced, capable of abnegation for love, the native of Pisces could shut himself up in a relationship that suits him only half. To too much want to conform to the desires of the other, it risks to alienate to his companion. The awakening, when it takes place, will then risk being brutal!

Monthly Horoscope November 2016 for Aquarius – it will be a month of improvement

Aquarius, this month of November will be an effort for you, it will be a month of improvement where you will solve many quarrels and take a step towards the future, you will advance in life. You will feel proud of your transformation because it will be for the better. Love promises. It is possible that you are not in love or that you are single. In that case, you will have a wide range of possibilities to get things right. You will find the ideal woman, ideal, of your dreams if you want. Among all the candidates will be your true love. If, on the contrary, you have time in couple, now it is necessary to take one more step: to fix those old quarrels, that encircled energy that has kidnapped your love. The energy of love must flow and has not done for months, therefore, now it will, that energy will emquistada your relationship and the couple will again shine. It will give both of us a great liberation. Once this crisis is over, you will both smile again. Do not hide more behind a mask, show yourself as you are, with your feelings in plain sight, in full bloom. It is what makes you fall in love. The work environment will be loaded with tasks and jobs, with many tasks. You’ll work like you have not done it in a long time. You will end up exhausted. There will be some obstacle of destiny, some obstacle difficult to pass but, you will. You are a responsible being and you will prove it. Pay attention to your bank account: either for some unfortunate investment, or because you spend without criteria, you will be trembling, almost in red numbers. As for your social life, it will be a real lack of control, you just want to go out with your friends and have fun. You will not care about work, your work or personal obligations or your girlfriend. You will give your friends an absolute priority, which will move your partner to second place. This could be an obvious cause of anger. Be careful with your actions. Do not move her or forget about your family. Everyone counts. You will enjoy all the celebrations and events of the city. You will not stop.

good news for 2017 – read your yearly horoscope


The good news is that unpredictable Uranus in your cash zone also means you could have large amounts of cash you weren’t expecting going into your account, as well as going out of it.

One of the main Uranus keywords is “independence” and it’s true that financial independence is more possible for you now. Best of all, since Uranus is one of your rulers, you’re better able than most to deal with his energies. Going with the flow where cash is concerned and keeping a little aside at all times is your best bet now.

That’s the big picture. Looking at the year as it unfolds, you’re going to be best placed to set aside some savings around late February, when the New Moon supports you. March also looks pretty good, and asking for a raise if you’re due one could work then.

The end of July and August look good for salaries, as well as for Aquarians determined to pay off their credit cards and loans. Happily, you end the year with money planet, Venus, in your sign – treat yourself.


As the year begins, the skies suggest you’re going to be having too much fun to be too worried about work. Fair enough! Your friends zone is lit up like it’s still Christmas.

However, as you go about socialising early in 2017, do be a bit canny. Are there people in the social groups you’re moving in who you could look to for some help in making your career goals happen?

Since Uranus is bothering your cash zone, you do need to think about how to earn a little more than you need in 2017, so you can have some savings behind you. In 2017 Scorpio rules your career zone, which means you might be less than keen to talk about “what you do”, however it’s worth sharing your feelings about work this year.

Saturn has been hanging out in your work routines zone, so hopefully you have a good work rhythm going now. Use the remainder of his stay there (until July) to build schedules, put long-term plans in place and to discipline yourself.

If you can manage all that, there will be just about no cash curveball Uranus can throw you which you won’t be ready for.


January 13, February 15, February 20, March 4, April 24, May 15, June 12, July 2, July 24, August 15, September 18, October 14, October 30, November 12, December 29.
Yearly Horoscope Aquarius

Saturn moves into your love zone mid-year, so if you’re clinging on to a relationship which is all but over, there’s probably not going to be a lot you can do to revive it now. And in a good relationship? Saturn will help you move from casual to committed.

Venus arrives in your sign in February, bringing you charm and appeal. February is actually a very important month for you if you want to find new love this year, as it brings with it the chance for you to have a close look at yourself and how you relate to others. If you know you need a revamp in the way you’re presenting yourself, go for it.

March to May is looking good potentially. Mars in your sign in March and April means you’ve got a lot of extra energy. It’s often said that when Mars is in your sign, you need to find someone to make love to, or else that added va va voom will just come out as anger. You have been warned! (Alternatively, try a vigorous sport!) Meanwhile, May sees Venus tickling your sex zone, so once again, the stars are on your side if it’s a little slap and tickle you’re after.

Horoscope – Welcome to this autumn months


Oh dear … what do they all find fault with this month? Your colleagues, your boss and your spouse now wasting their time without argumentative make decisions! In good leader addict to the action you are, you impatient piaffez silently the first ten days of the month. Then you start to move your troops if you are unable to obtain results to 22, explosion ahead to 25-26. They have it coming! Single, your contenders are too timid to your taste!


In the first week, you push past few roars to regain control of your love life … who will take a pleasant turn the rest of the month. Those couple finally feel heard and acknowledged and singles give the “la” of their courtship displays. At the office, you are cheerful, relaxed and not at all on the defensive: it helps to appreciate his work! Projects that are important to you … they will soon mature to the point.


Thoughtful month: for all your decisions you weigh at length the pros and cons. Please note, the risk is that your vacuum scruples do you cogitate without moving an inch. Dare to resolve, especially in your professional life, if interesting opportunities may escape around the heart 7. Side, pettiness and nitpicky you tired? You have one advantage: the balanced discussion, which does not bear all the blame to one or the other. Yes it’s hard but you see, it’s worth it.


The pace posed this month for you. work side, you have taken your mark, you have mastered your files: no unexpected can destabilize you. To 18 you might be commended for your professionalism. In your marriage, disagreements may emerge. They will be discussed with openness and calm, but the last week of the month will end on the finding of a misunderstanding, it will work to clear mines. Single: Dating opportunities 18 and 30.


October will be for you a month of consolidation. You started daring projects recently? After a successful launch phase, you strengthen their foundations and focus on the daily routine needed to carry them out. Côté heart, you will be more pragmatic than romantic. You lived for passionate outbursts lately? It is time to turn them into relationship. But if your love does not prove to be viable, you will make more foolish to try to save them.


This month, Mars, Jupiter and Venus are at your side: Excellent pick! You take control of your life to better organize. 17-18 to you the most from your fulfillment capabilities. Emotionally, you are more expansive, radiant, in a word: happy. A disappointment or loss of power on 11? It will not last: you bounce from the 23. The 26 is the apotheosis: engagement, marriage, memorable match? In any case it will happen something positive and concrete.


Since last month, diplomatic skills will be honored. Your relatives will without doubt in a position of arbiter: you will be the perfect role … except the last week of: if one tries to get involved in a situation when you are both judge and party, flee ! Nothing good will come. Emotionally, the first ten days you succeed: you go out, see the world. Enjoy! Singles, they are not shoes or at their feet, will be well surrounded.


That this is a nice month! Sentimental clouds September emerged: Accepts confidence and think constructively. As a couple, your pair is consolidating in depth, without show-off; you could make an important decision in the last week of the month. Single, a relationship could start smoothly, almost without your knowledge: from a new friend might be hiding a new love? Professionally, you carburez effectively while retaining time for you.


This month, arm yourself with patience. You could meet logistico administrative headaches that might annoy you! maximum intensity 7 and 18. Ask yourself to solve methodically, without neglecting the details: you’ll gain by rigor. At the health level, take care of yourself and necessary heal you: your body urges you. heart side, the first week is beautiful and intense, in the wake of October. Then you will have less time to spend with your love life.


Professionally, you score points: you do not tons, but you (very) well your job, and that’s what you are asked. Financially, it is not bad: you are building up your savings gradually. Procurement projects or major investment (real estate …) would they in the process of realization? Sentimentally, head and heart are not connections. You feel a strong desire for a person … but are your goals really the same?


After a high return in colors, October will allow you to take stock more quietly. Professionally, it’s time to settle certain details lying around until then and refine the installation of future projects. Level character, you’ll want to bring order to your home, but also your emotional life. The large enthusiastic outbursts recent months give way to reason: you spend your relationship or your contenders scanner. Beware talkers!


October asking you to partner in your work, with friends and in your marriage. If you are unable to think collectively to advance, you may fall in trench warfare with partners, including around 11 and then at month end. Listen to your empathy and deploy your sense of dialogue, which allow you to read an open book in other people’s motivations: they will help you negotiate intelligently, defusing any aggression, and achieve your goals.

Chinese Horoscope 2019 – Year of the Pig

The Fire Rooster year begins on January 28, 2017 according to the Chinese horoscope. As the sign in the morning and waking, triumph and success during this year it can only be achieved at the expense of hard work and patience.

2017 is subject to ELEMENT FIRE IN THE FORM OF YIN. YIN FIRE EXPRESS, internal heat and insight, AS WELL AS THE SILENCE OF PRIVACY and family ties. THOUGHTS FORGOTTEN arising out of nowhere, in a bewildering environment, BOTH rigid and fun, according to the Chinese horoscope 2017.

Rooster Years are a mixture of righteousness and justice, grandstanding and logistics efficiency. The jobs of public and private administration, military careers or jobs police are favored during this period Chinese horoscope 2017.

Update 2019 : the chinese horoscope 2019 in spanish is on http://www.horoscopochino2018.org/ .

Rat, rabbit and rooster are only represented by a single element, while all the other signs of the Chinese zodiac contain several elements hidden in them. Therefore, the years governed by these three signs depend largely on the strength of the base element which are initially joined.

Although rotation cycles of the months and seasons and days continuously bring diversity to the energy flow of the 5 elements (Wu Xing), the presence of a predominant element that regulates the annual cycle never seen as the best of omens in Chinese tradition.

As the teachings of Feng Shui, the balance of power between the five elements generates happiness and fulfillment. The lack of energy diversity generated by a key element for a New Year of the Rooster, New rabbit and a New Year of the Rat Year, intensifies the perturbation of cyclical forces of time with those inherent in each sign of Chinese astrology.

Therefore, it is advisable to stay on guard before considering the possibility of a return on investment quickly and easily into a new business during the years of Rooster.

Chinese Horoscope 2019 – The Year of the Pig starts on January 28, 2019

The Pig Year year begins on February 05, 2019 according to the Chinese horoscope. As the sign in the morning and waking, triumph and success during this year it can only be achieved at the expense of hard work and patience.

2019 is subject to ELEMENT FIRE IN THE FORM OF YIN. YIN FIRE EXPRESS, internal heat and insight, AS WELL AS THE SILENCE OF PRIVACY and family ties. THOUGHTS FORGOTTEN arising out of nowhere, in a bewildering environment, BOTH rigid and fun, according to the Chinese horoscope 2019.

We recommend that you read the horoscope predictions 2019

2019 Chinese horoscope Rooster year fuegoAlmanaque of Years of the Rooster

Rooster Years are a mixture of righteousness and justice, grandstanding and logistics efficiency. The jobs of public and private administration, military careers or jobs police are favored during this period Chinese horoscope 2019.

Rat, rabbit and rooster are only represented by a single element, while all the other signs of the Chinese zodiac contain several elements hidden in them. Therefore, the years governed by these three signs depend largely on the strength of the base element which are initially joined.

Although rotation cycles of the months and seasons and days continuously bring diversity to the energy flow of the 5 elements (Wu Xing), the presence of a predominant element that regulates the annual cycle never seen as the best of omens in Chinese tradition.

As the teachings of Feng Shui, the balance of power between the five elements generates happiness and fulfillment. The lack of energy diversity generated by a key element for a New Year of the Rooster, New rabbit and a New Year of the Rat Year, intensifies the perturbation of cyclical forces of time with those inherent in each sign of Chinese astrology.

Therefore, it is advisable to stay on guard before considering the possibility of a return on investment quickly and easily into a new business during the years of Gallo.

Given the distribution of energy of the 5 elements throughout the year, it is best to start your projects in the fall or during the last two weeks of each season. In fact, late periods stations are represented by the Earth element, critical and useful for its stabilizing virtues, particularly during the years of Fire Rooster.

The combination of fire element this year with the metal element highlights tensions with other energy deficiencies, creating periods unfit for change.
Love, births and weddings

If you are single / a, this is a very good year to start a new relationship. However, the romances that could have grown into solid marriages over time could also be short for reasons beyond the control of the new lovebirds; for example, a professional or family moving to another state or country.

If you are expecting a birth that takes place during the year of the rooster fire, remember that it will be a birth of someone with a less irritable than usual temperament, good news for your future little rooster.

If the prospect of giving birth to a child with a proud and demonstrative character is not what you want, you can always wait until the New Year 2018, the Year of the Dog of the Earth, and expect the birth of a smart dog child and skillful, which must always (rightly) tend the last word with their parents.

Despite the tension and imbalance that dominate the Chinese horoscope 2017, this year is paradoxically suitable for weddings. Do not forget that the red (color of fire element) is the traditional color of the wedding dress in China and other Asian countries, while the white color symbolizes mourning.

Fashion, Decoration and Lifestyle

In order to balance the energy flow of time can provide benefits for your own personal karma, it is best to wear jewelry and clothing respecting the composition and color of the element that is supposed to represent.

These principles of balance in relation to clothing and accessories, which are connected to Feng Shui, also apply to the interior design of the home and office alike.

The Chinese horoscope 2019 for Tiger recommend to favor or jewelry terracotta objects whose colors are related to the earth element, such as yellow or brown sphalerite, or even bracelets in sienna. However, remember during the course of 2017 should avoid using red as a garment or a precious stone (cherry and pink topaz, ruby red and red diamond, garnet, rodocrosita …), so not stoke the fire that already exists in quantity and in direct conflict with the metal (main element of the sign of the Rooster).

Apart from the contradictory nature of the year made possible by the dominant and conflicting metal and fire character, positive currents exist throughout 2019, but do not apply to the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac.
Predictions Politics, Entertainment and Technology

The fire resulting from the smelting of metals, electric atmosphere and the resulting heat will be a voltage source to consider. Therefore, we should expect an intensification of virile (and sterile) statements by the leaders of countries or large corporations. Migration caused by wars and climate contribute to degrade the already heavy atmosphere if the political climate is unstable.

New celebrities of the entertainment industry and music will emerge in greater numbers, thanks to the growing expansion of the Internet. Able to light a cigarette in clubs around the world, from Ibiza to Goa, these “handkerchiefs” pop stars should lose their sudden fame less than a year later.

Jobs, Business and Investment

A year of the Rooster is often marked by bright for those who have endured patiently drainage often solitary success of a business project.

Many people want during this particular year change their professional environment. But these desires mobility not materialize for everyone, because not all Chinese zodiac signs are able to handle stress and be creative enough and organized to overcome the failures they will face along their path to success.

2019 placed under protection wonderful and extravagant sign of Fire Rooster, whose virtues of justice, transparency and perseverance, generously reward those who understand their karma good enough.

Gemini – your july monthy horoscope


If you are looking for a soul mate, unfortunately it will not take you expect to find the gem! Anyway Venus duet with Mercury will focus more your desires to the fun and charm that really the search for true love. You will not hesitate to reach out to others and to flaunt your charms, which I must say are quite impressive! Clearly, you will have great success with others, but a priori nobody really has the time to please you.
In a relationship with

Couples, however careful your side who will be jealous and possessive this month very strong! You will not be able to trust your partner and will tend to monitor and even to dig into his laptop. Tell yourself that fear does not avoid danger and that it is not remaining constantly on the back of your partner that you will succeed to keep his affection. Try instead, to let him breathe a little and give him a little more confidence, while focusing primarily on communication that will give an important!
My work

At work this month, things will not necessarily obvious! Not only Venus will give you most want to have fun and entertain your colleagues that really work, and another side that Neptune could give you a little head side in the air that will bring you quickly to make mistakes! That will not necessarily give a smile to your superiors that because you have the eye! Stay wary first!
my Finance

Quiet, very quiet even side finances this month! The stars will abandon indeed areas of your financial life. No problems so feared, but also no perspective strokes of luck! So he should not count on fate if you cram even in a difficult situation! The secret will remain moderate, at your expenses. The time will not be ideal to invest or to make a major purchase.
My well-being

March strongly influence this month, will give you certainly a beautiful dynamic, but could also make you a little nervous and stressed. You’ll struggle to relax you or let you go. A tip, take the time to ask yourself and discover the benefits of a small nap during the day, also think about the benefits of water! sauna, steam room and workout with dip, you will do the most good.