Pisces. In 2016, right in your sign occurs first partial eclipse of the Sun

An important for you, because even in your sign occurs first partial eclipse of the Sun, around the 20th of March. After January and February bring you more energy, chef to take care of as many things, indeed I beg neaştepate and others, the time of the eclipse gives respite and power to think leisurely to the meaning of your life . It is better to stop whirl of life and select your priorities.

Very important is the fact that it facilitates mental segment, particularly higher mind, deeply, as Saturn moves its arsenal in the professional field. However, during the period 14 June to 13 September will linger in this segment of thought and communication, drawing finishing touch. Probably you have to assimilate some moral values, spiritual or working longer than refining your soul.
They also can open new relationships with foreign color or by leisure travelers, either for study or work in other countries. Intellectual activities, the teaching-learning-assessment you can make them much easier, but on a different basis. Spiritual disciplines, philosophical, religious, artistic come into your sphere of interest, approached them with a more open mind and soul.
Health is the heart and circulatory system vulnerable, especially in the months ianaurie and February, then on 6 June to October 8 there are chances relapse of heart disease. Note that vital energy throughout the body is weak throughout the year. It is recommended rest, medical specialty and determination efforts.

Three eclipse that will be built this year will be the axis Aries and Libra, the sign of Virgo, in effect creating your financial plan and partnership relations.

Relations Fishes 2016

Relations with close entourage will highlight the period 17 March to 12 April. It will run in good overall parameters, even if sometimes they intervene niscai quarrels and conflicts, to color the atmosphere. Short distances will frequently be in professional or recreational.

Household domain and relations with family members you will require from mid-April until mid-June. Conflict situations are possible especially between May 19 and June 11, because thinking and communication will be flawed. However, the benefits are that this period may explain oldest family situation, which remained unresolved somehow misunderstood.
Romantic relationships will attract your attention and efforts during the period May 8 to August 8. Statements pleasant than others, an interesting mix of states, feelings and emotions. But chances are the separations. It would be good to think seriously here, and detaching yourself from an affair that you consume too much energy, time or material resources.

I give you fork partnership relations throughout the year. Ahead major changes both in the relationship with your spouse and the relationship with socio-professional. Twists can be frequent and noisy when you least expect it. It will resume discussions or joint activities with partners that occurred earlier. Relationships with women are distorted, so be cautious. There is probability of divorce, separation, rupture of agreements or contracts. Not recommended combinations we’re signing documents that involve long-term, uncertain assumption of responsibilities. Everything about you-other relationship is in constant recasting throughout the year.

Around the 13th September will build a partial eclipse of the Sun in the sign of Virgo, marking the beginning of a relational stages. If you continue the relationship with your spouse already known, something all changes: Joint Programme rhythm of life or relationship. As regards professional collaboration, conditions will change their way or simply they will be completed. New partners may occur, but not much chance as resistance or special activities.

Relationships with friends continues in the same register as the previous year. Unlikely to get real help from these people. It is better to keep a healthy distance and depend more on your forces.

Professional domain

January and February they will indicate different fabrics conflict, well hidden at work. Excess of zeal you demonstrate the workforce will attract the enmity colleagues, but somewhere admiration heads.

Work is closely linked to the health of the stars that you first create contexts of conflict at work, to rephrase your vision of work and its implications. If you neglect these signals, the next step will be the emergence of health nuisance. However, both options are active at least until around the date of October 8th. Therefore it would be good voluntarily and not forced by anyone and anything to your efforts and to relate respectfully dose the characters in the professional entourage.

At some point you will need to help colleagues. That’s because bosses will start to give you increasingly more work, difficult tasks, and the payment will leave and better than expected.

At work you seem to have more work. The period June 6 to October 8 is tense because you’ll have to replay some occupations that were conducted in the past poor. Peer relationships will be strained, but without fabric that hidden there in the first two months of the year. Now it will be visible and will be solved by talking openly.

The financial chapter is noted two important moments, namely when forming one total lunar eclipse, the first on April 4 in Libra and Aries another on September 28. Both signals the end of one stage win, both your own work and from and through others.