Taurus Horoscope 2018 : changes and decisive choices for your sign

In 2018, the success story, with positive Neptune and Pluto, will be resourceful, creative and you will be able to sail even in the event of difficulty. The changes, professional, economic, set by Neptune do not scare you, but on the contrary, they stimulate you. In 2016 you have been favored by the powerful influence of Jupiter that has been your ally throughout the year, now is the time to put the gifts of the planet of luck to fruition. For much of the year 2017, Jupiter does not look like your sign, at least until October, when he gets into Scorpio in an unfavorable look. So be careful, from October to December, to spending money and do not venture into financial firms that might turn out to be bankrupt. However, who has worked well will succeed in achieving the goals that he has set, next year, Saturn will reward you in your favor.


In 2018, material wellbeing, a key element for Taurus, combined with a dose of creativity, will be assured by Pluto and Neptune who look at you benevolent. It is a period of great renewal and growth, in which you can realize yourself and affirm in the eyes of the superiors.


2018 opens with the love of the planet of love, passionate passions and passions roar. With Neptune and Pluto in a harmonic corner, even those who are paired will not be bored, a plethora of fantasy and sensuality will also revitalize the tiredest relationships. Favorites are mostly born in the second and third decades, which in the new year will see renewed passion and harmony in affective relationships. And if the capricious goddess of fortune spreads his gifts at alternate times, certainly the most favorite months will be January, April and June, when Mars will not be negative. In October, Jupiter will pass through a disarming bow, beware of any dazzling or irresistible call of a partner with which the solid relationship, which is indispensable for you, can not materialize.

Health and beauty

The first days of 2018 will be characterized by small disturbances (to see a detail description of 2018 horoscope click here), perhaps due to the year-round blows, but be calm, Venus will squeeze the eye throughout January, April and June, when it comes into your mark. These are the ideal months for refreshing the look, perhaps including some ethnic elements, as suggested by Neptune and Pluto in favor. Your charm will be magnetic and unusual. From July until September, with Mars, your energies will not be at the top and you may feel the weight of the difficult months just past. Dedicate to outdoor walks, where, in your friend’s nature, you will find the strength to face the fall. From September, in fact, the small summer imbalances will be one reminder and you will be ready to deal with some pitfall caused by dissonant Jupiter, starting in October.

The Sun passes in Taurus in a period around April 20 – May 21.

Its element is the Earth, like Virgin and Capricorn.
His Governor Planet is Venus: for this reason, the favorable day is Friday.
It is a Fixed sign, like Lion, Scorpio and Aquarius.
Its color is Green, its lucky stone is the Emerald, the metal is the Copper, the flower is the Rose.

Taurus, in an ideal succession of vital tasks attributed to zodiacal signs, is the sign of a little rigor in the innovative breakdown created by other signs, beginning with Ariete. Where others create, the Bull keeps. The world would have little to do if it could not rely on the ability to store and defend this sign! Tory natives persevere in getting their own results. They do not believe much in headshots or luck: they need their own order and organization that other signs sometimes find boring but have an impeccable reason to be.

Taurus has a relationship with his belongings that might seem obsessive, but that he does not cause any concern. The people of Taurus are able to put aside with little effort those savings that give them the peace of mind they need. They are capable of excellent financial transactions: not by chance, the symbol of the rising stock market is represented by the Bull, opposed to the dangerous and lethargic bear.

Controlled by Venus, Taurus enjoys conveniences and objects of aesthetic value. He loves to surround himself with beautiful things and improve his appearance with precious clothes and a well looked after look. He carries out all his daily activities with care and expertise, some mistakenly swapping for slowness but ultimately being his winning weapon. Careful to the details and endowed with a good appetite for listening, he knows how to help others. In fact, of Taurus there are excellent doctors, overcome only by some of the Virgin, which are colder and more objective.

What are the body parts that correspond to Taurus?
The Taurus is astrologically tied to the lower part of the head, as well as the neck and throat. The natives of this sign may be affected by colds more frequently than other signs. Oral hygiene needs to be treated in a special way. In addition, smoking must be absolutely avoided.

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