Tiger Zodiac Compatibility in 2018


In business, you are a perfect and powerful couple.

Common personality: practical sense and courage.
Love, marriage, relationships: kept with luck and trust. The rat must put its abilities into operation wisely when it comes to a Tiger full of energy and charm. Relationships arise harmoniously when both partners carefully weigh the words before speaking.
Money, Career, Business: Rat wisdom combines amazingly with the spirit of competition and authority of the Tiger, resulting in productive and beneficial collaborations for both sides.


A productive pair in business.

Common personality: Self-confidence, perseverance.
Love, marriage, relationships: slight misunderstandings. The relationship is harmonious if Tiger leaves his guard down and looks at theOx with patience and understanding. The Ox must give up jealousy and stubbornness.
Money, career, business: the impulse of the Tiger can be disturbing for the Ox. The money comes if Bivol leaves Tiger to lead, make plans and deal with social relationships, and he supports him with the work behind the scenes.


High sexual attraction, but the relationship suffers from infidelity.

Common personality: leadership skills, competitiveness.
Love, marriage, relationships for Tiger in 2018: Adventurous couple relationship. Sexually dangerous magnetism. Harmony states can be achieved if both partners quench their overflowing effervescence. There are jealousy and fierce competition when one of the two Tigers comes out more in the circle of friends. You are in a continuous struggle for supremacy.

Money, career, business: arrogance can attract big financial losses. There are frequent quarrels and divergences of opinion, just for the sake of conflicts. At meetings, it is good to attend only one of the two Tigers. The money comes if you learn to temper your aggressive gestures and greed.This year is the year of the Brown Dog 2018, and you must call a Native Dog to temper you.

This couple is, to overcome many, a safe, stable couple, in which the partners rely heavily on each other. Both enjoy the adventure and make their couple a permanent adventure. Conversations are the most interesting, the topics are exciting. It focuses on the future and is successful on the financial side.
People born under the zodiac sign of the Tiger are not people going unnoticed. They are energetic, intense, magnetic, irresistible. They are powerful people who can do whatever they want. They have overwhelming conviction and no one wants to say “NO” to a Tiger. Conflicts between the natives of this sign are explosive and will always result in casualties, especially when it comes to the emotional area of life.

Tiger natives are very impotent, they do not think twice before getting involved in something. They live their lives with great passion, they are motivated and know how to motivate those around them. From this point of view, the partnership between two Tigers can be very successful, especially on a professional level. There are also very rebellious people who aim and manage to change rules, to make others obey their own rules. In this regard, the partnership between two Tigers must be combined with a lot of diplomacy, because the clash of two iron wills can not be a beneficial event.

The physical attraction of two Tigers occurs almost instantly because they are very intense and passionate. If they set a target, they will do anything to achieve it. They are also very possessive, react more under the impulse of the heart, the logic being totally out of date if they are wounded emotionally. They need the full support of the couple partner, and again they need a lot of diplomacy and understanding in the couple, because they both just want to ask for, and forget they still have to offer.

Two Tigers can have a very exciting couple relationship, an explosive, spicy, passionate union. At one time, if the required energies are in very large quantities, the partners may find it a far too tedious relationship. Romanticism in the relationship between two Tigers is explosive, but so are the quarrels between them. Many times, in moments of high tension, few are the ones who can reach the Tiger’s reason. It may be that the relationship between two Tigers does not last long, simply because it is too exhausting for partners.
It’s hard to give advice to a native Tiger because he thinks he knows everything. He has an incredible trust in his own strengths, and hence his actions under the impulse of the moment, which often do not bring him the results he expects. Native Tiger does not bear to be controlled, followed in what he does, can not bear to be told what to do. It needs a lot of space, a lot of freedom of movement and, if it lacks it, it behaves like a grazed animal, that is, very bad.

Because both partners are equally impulsive, including financial issues, they tend to have problems in this area. They either do the neglected purchases sufficiently, either exceed their income through the costs they incur, or benefit from not very well-researched investments, which ultimately prove to be damaging. That’s why they need a financial counselor, someone to help them organize themselves in terms of money, but they also have the patience they need to deal with their volcanic nature. It’s hard to meet all these desires!

The Tiger-Tiger Couple can only work if the partners want to give each other the maneuvering space they need, they have the patience to understand each other and their volcanic motions, when the situation tends to degenerate. There is a lot to be done to make the situation between the two couple partners on the brink of normality.

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